Letter to Rick Pollitt

Government Office Building

125 North Division Street

Room 303

Salisbury, Md.  21803-0870


Attn:    Rick Pollitt

County Executive


May 5, 2014

Dear Rick:

 Salisbury, Md. is a great place to live.  What it shouldn’t be is a place where you can go to the local Planned Parenthood clinic and pay to have your unborn child killed.  Salisbury’s Planned Parenthood clinic is within sight of one of the city’s largest churches, Salisbury University, and the daycare facility that my 2 grandsons attend. Something is very wrong in a city where just around the corner from where people are worshipping God, young adults are attending class, and children are playing with their friends, unborn babies are being killed for money.

Salisbury’s Planned Parenthood clinic is an affiliate of an organization that killed nearly 340,000 unborn babies last year while raking in over $540 million from the U.S. taxpayers.  They are part of an organization that kills another innocent child every 94 seconds of every hour of every day.  I don’t know whether the Salisbury Planned Parenthood clinic performs surgical abortions or chemical abortions.  In the end, the result is the same, another dead child for no good reason.

Rick, I went to school with you and your family, and I know you are an honorable man.  I don’t know where you stand on abortion and can only assume, with your family background, that you are on the side of life.  The battle to end abortion will be won on the state and local level, not at the increasingly dysfunctional federal level.  States across the country are enacting legislation that restricts abortion and makes it harder to operate a facility that kills children for money.  Personhood legislation is taking hold in Alabama, North Dakota, and Colorado.  Personhood legislation codifies the obvious; that an unborn child is a living human being, thus a person, and is afforded all the protections of the 14th Amendment as they apply to equal protection under the law.  Personhood legislation terrifies Planned Parenthood and they are spending millions to defeat it.  They know that once unborn children have legal standing as living, human beings they’re out of business.

Wicomico County can be a leader in the fight to guarantee that every unborn child is allowed to be born, just like you and I were.  I respectfully request that Wicomico County be declared an abortion free zone.  Declare that every unborn child is safe in our hometown and our county.  Let Planned Parenthood know that their industry of death is not welcomed here.  Rick, I can think of no higher calling than the protection of our children.  Enacting legislation or ordinances in Wicomico County to end abortion could be the catalyst for a nationwide movement to save our children.

If we allow the abortion industry to kill another 3,500 children every day in America, and do nothing to stop the killing, we are just as guilty as the killers themselves.  It takes many small victories to win a war.  Let’s work together to win this one.

All my letters are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.


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