Last Friday, Independence Day, I had planned on taking the day off.  Unfortunately, the rigors of running a one man office and my plans for a day off didn’t work out.  Maybe next year.  The work I do on my own time on behalf of the pro-life movement really isn’t work to me.  The only challenge my pro-life work presents is the question of when will I finally take the leap of faith I know I need to take in order to work at it full time.  Subtle signs and hints are constantly entering my life, nudging me towards where I know I need to be.

Sitting in my office on July 4th, while I crunched numbers and stressed about multiple projects, I looked out the window and saw cars full of people enjoying their day.  This struck me as one of the more than subtle signs that maybe I should be spending my time in pursuit of something more rewarding.  When I list the things that are important in my life, my day job, where I spend most of my time, is nowhere near the top.  I can feel a quantum shift and massive change coming to my life, and I welcome it.

Over the past year numerous events have taken place in my life that have convinced me that my purpose in life is to protect children.  When the time is right I’ll discuss these events, but for now I will continue to make my case for every child’s Right to life.  We all make choices as to what is important to us.  We arrive at these choices through our life experiences, observations of others, and prayerful contemplation of our true purpose.  Even though the short span of our physical lives are no more than flashes of lightening against the backdrop of eternity, each of us has the potential to perform great deeds and to change the world forever.

Finding one’s purpose in life is only half the battle.  When you finally decide to act upon it, that’s when miracles are possible.  I don’t know if I will ever save a child through the work I do, but the process itself is enlightening.  The research I’ve done over the past year has left me stunned as to how brutal the abortion industry is.  Then again, what would you expect from an industry that thrives by killing innocent children for money?  Every day my determination to educate the world about these barbaric practices and to bring an end the practice of abortion grows stronger.

As I continue the fight, I’m looking into new ways to get my message out.  While my purpose in life is clear, finding the ways to fulfill it are a bit more challenging.  In the mean time I’ll keep paying attention to all the things I used to call coincidences and following the breadcrumbs that will lead me to the goal I have promised I will reach in my lifetime.