Letter to Salisbury Planned Parenthood #11

Planned Parenthood

1506 South Salisbury Blvd.

Court Plaza Shopping Center

Salisbury, Md.  21801

 August 15, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

On the off chance that you will stop returning my letters unopened, I will continue to send them.  And as much as you would like to deny it, I have to remind you that your employer keeps their doors open by killing babies for money.  They even give annual bonuses to affiliates who exceed their abortion quota for the year.  In what kind of sick world do you get a bonus for killing more innocent children than you had planned to?  What kind of society allows over 1 million of its unborn children to be legally slaughtered every year?

Human beings don’t have to be taught that killing each other is wrong.  They know it instinctively.   The default response of most human beings when they see another human being in danger is to run to their aid.  The work Planned Parenthood does, intentionally killing innocent children for money, runs counter to every accepted standard of human behavior.  That’s why you work so hard to maintain a veil of secrecy over the brutal methods you employ to kill babies.

The children Planned Parenthood is in business to kill don’t have a say in the matter.  They are victims of circumstance and considered collateral damage in your quest to devalue life and to profit from the pain and suffering of the most innocent among us.  They are at the mercy of your industry and of far too many mothers who have been convinced that having their unborn child killed is their only option.

In a perfect world I shouldn’t have to spend time every day fighting for the lives of unborn children.  In a perfect world every new life would be welcomed and cherished as the gift it is.  We all know we don’t live in a perfect world but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to make it so.  We should all understand that life will always come with problems and challenges.  Being allowed to be born should not be one of those challenges.

I believe we all have a purpose in life.  Some of us are lucky enough to discover our purpose and to work towards its fulfillment.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones.  I know what I’m here to do and I accept my calling with no trepidation.  I believe we should all look inside and ask ourselves what we can do to benefit our fellow man.  A good starting point would be to not kill them before they can be born.

Planned Parenthood not only kills children; they kill dreams.  They destroy the untarnished innocence of the most innocent among us.  More children die from abortion every year in America than from any other cause.  Planned Parenthood has no place in a civilized world and is not welcomed in my town.  I look forward to the day when your doors close for the last time.

All my letters are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.





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