Degrees of Outrage #4

As I write this, an announcement is imminent in Ferguson, Missouri as to whether a grand jury will indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown.  Protesters have inexplicably requested a 48 hour advance notice of the grand jury’s decision, apparently so they can plan their ‘spontaneous protests’ when the announcement is made.  Gun sales have skyrocketed as leaks indicate that the grand jury will, in all probability, not indict Officer Wilson.  People in Ferguson are scared.  They’re afraid of more violent protests and looting if the grand jury decides that an indictment is not warranted in this case.

Misguided, collective outrage is a self-perpetuating phenomena.  Most of those expressing outrage are drawn into the collective outrage by their desire to be accepted.  They participate out of their irrational fear of accepting obvious facts for what they are.  They choose to put others at risk rather than standing on principle and speaking out for justice.  As I’ve written previously on the subject of outrage, expressing outrage without the intention of taking positive, nonviolent steps to remedy the object of your anger is a waste of time and energy.  Instead of joining the herd as they channel their frustration through senseless acts of violence and crimes much worse than the object of their outrage, walk your own path with honor and integrity.

In my mission to end abortion I choose to take action instead of expressing outrage.  It would be disingenuous of me to say I don’t feel outrage over the thousands of innocent children killed every day in America’s abortion mills; but I refuse to let outrage consume me.  If you choose to dwell on being mad, all you will get is more anger.  I choose to visualize a world that no longer kills its unborn children and I choose to not stand by and do nothing as the slaughter continues.

Most of the protesters in Ferguson, waiting for an excuse to plunder and loot, could not care less about Michael Brown or seeing justice served.  They just want the opportunity to commit acts that are socially unacceptable and morally wrong while staking a false claim on the moral high ground.  They choose to hide behind a mob mentality because they don’t have the courage to accept the unbiased verdict of a jury of their peers.  Just like Planned Parenthood hides behind the veil of an unjust law as they kill over 300,000 children every year, the protesters in Ferguson, regardless of the grand jury’s decision, will hit the streets and march in mind-numbed lockstep with race hustlers like Al Sharpton, while they provide cover for their faux outrage with stories of racism and injustice.

Protesting an act of violence with another act of violence is illogical.  Violence cannot be undone, but further acts of violence can be prevented by principled actions and good works.  Whether it’s ending the practice of abortion or insuring that justice is blind, outrage and its inevitable downward spiral to violence are never the answer.

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