Degrees of Outrage #6

It seems like everybody in America is mad.  All you hear from the usual cast of race-baiters like Al Sharpton, who makes his living promoting racism, is that it’s open season on black men in America.  He knows, or should know, that there is no factual basis for his assertion; but facts don’t matter to him and his ilk.  He knows he can say that the police are hunting down and killing black men and that if he yells enough and acts mad enough, a lot of uninformed people will believe him.  He knows he can say the killing of black men by the police has become an out of control epidemic; that racism runs rampant in America’s police departments, and that most of those willing to listen to him won’t look into the voracity of his comments.

If 123 people out of 43,000,000 were killed by a deadly disease over the course of a year would you consider it an out of control epidemic?  Last year 123 black Americans out of a population of 43,000,000 black Americans were killed by police officers; police officers of all races.  From my perspective, if the police are trying to hunt down and kill black Americans, they’re doing a pretty bad job of it.  The numbers I’m citing are real numbers, and easy to confirm.

While Al Sharpton relies on the ignorance of his sycophants to promote himself and his false narrative of the slaughter of black men by police, a real slaughter is taking place every day in America’s abortion mills.   Of the more than 3,000 children killed every day by Planned Parenthood and its colleagues, more than 60% are black.  But you won’t hear a word from the race hustlers because the issue of abortion won’t get them in front of a TV camera.   While they’ll fly all over America to lead protests against alleged crimes that will get their ugly mugs on TV, they choose not to speak about the infanticide that occurs daily.  Stirring up anger and fanning the flames of vengeance is big business for those in the business of promoting outrage.  Taking any substantive action to solve real problems or to save the lives of innocent children is a nonsequitur for clowns like Sharpton.

If you can be stirred to outrage by flimsy evidence and an absence of hard facts, you are part of the problem.  If you are willing to blindly protest something that you know little or nothing about, you are part of the problem.  If you can be lead to civil unrest by a hate spewing knucklehead like Al Sharpton, you’ve got bigger problems than the one he’s trying to promote.

Many Americans have a hair trigger for outrage and a lack of interest in confronting hypocrisy.  They trust the media to provide accurate reporting and would rather accept someone else’s version of the truth over finding their own.  Our nation rises and falls on the waves of the news cycle and far too many of us look the other way as generations of unborn children are murdered in the womb.

If you feel you have to be outraged over something, get mad over evil practices like abortion and become part of the solution.

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