What’s in a Word?

The current occupant of the White House refers to abortion as a woman’s “core constitutional right.”  I’ve read the constitution numerous times and must have missed the section that affirms one’s right to kill an innocent child right up to the moment of its birth.  Our words have consequences just like our actions do.  President Obama’s words and actions confirm that he is the most abortion-friendly President in history.  He claims to be pro-choice as part of the narcissistic charade he has thrust upon our nation for over 6 years now.   Pro-choice and pro-abortion are one and the same.  If you endorse a woman’s right to choose to have her child killed, you are pro-abortion.  If you’re pro-abortion, at least you have the courage to say what you believe; however misguided your beliefs may be.

I’m proudly,unapologetic about my pro-life views.  There is no wiggle room in pro-life.  Either you’re pro-life without exception, or you’re pro-choice; and pro-choice means you don’t oppose the elective killing of innocent children.  Words have meaning and the words we speak and the words we believe not only affect our lives, but the lives of countless others.  The words we don’t have the courage to speak also affect our lives and the lives of others.  If the words I write on behalf of the pro-life movement offend anyone; so be it.  If the words I write about the ugly truth of abortion make those on the fence about this grisly practice uneasy; good.

The words I write are not written in an effort to pander to those who agree with me.  My work and my mission in life are to find the right words to convince those on the other side to take a leap of faith to the pro-life side.  There is no gray area between being alive and being dead.  You can’t be a little bit pro-life any more than you can be pro-abortion; but only in so called special circumstances.  If you’re not all in for life then you are an enabler for those who feel abortion on demand is a woman’s right.  The abortion industry relies on clever word games to convince us that an unborn child isn’t a child until it is born.  They know that speaking the truth and admitting that their only interest is killing as many unborn children as possible for as much money as possible will be their undoing.

What’s in a word?  Our Creator moved mountains and created a universe with words. As human beings, we can change attitudes and change the world with nothing more than words.  In the pro-life movement our words confirm our beliefs and communicate our vision for a world where every child is guaranteed its right to life from the moment of conception.  The words and actions of those of us in the pro-life community are all that stands between our unborn children and a blood-thirsty abortion industry.  Choose your words carefully.  It’s a matter of life and death.

Life and Death

I’m 61 years old and in the best shape of my life; and I’m dying.  I don’t know when or how it will happen, but I know, at some point, my life and yours will come to an end.  Just like life is one of the greatest miracles in the universe, death is one of its greatest mysteries.  When we accept the gift of life from our Creator it comes with an expiration date; a date we all want to avoid; a date none of us can.  Most of us believe that physical death is not an end, but a new beginning.  Most of us accept on faith that the afterlife will reunite us with our Creator and place the trials and tribulations of our physical life in an eternal perspective.

Those fortunate enough to see the end approaching, often realize, much too late, what was really important.  They have an opportunity to conduct a life review and to see what they could have done against the backdrop of what they actually did.  Many of us die regretting the fact that we didn’t give our all for something we believed in.  We let fear control our lives and realize at the end that our fears were nothing more than tests; tests to see how willing we were to push through our fears to the success that was waiting on the other side.

Life is given to us by our Creator.  My belief is that life is not given to be squandered and that the taking of an innocent life is a deliberate rejection of our Creator’s gift.  In the country I love over a million innocent lives will be ended this year by an abortion industry that sees life as a curable disease.  It sees life as an inconvenience if the life happens to be an unborn child, and it sees abortion, for a fee, as the only cure for an inconvenient life.   I can’t help but wonder if the workers in America’s abortion industry, given the opportunity to conduct a life review, will look back on their careers spent killing babies, and consider their lives to be lives well lived.

With every passing year I’m grateful for the time I’ve been given, and hopeful that whatever time I have left can be used to save lives and to end the practice of abortion.  At the end of my life I want to leave the physical world knowing that innocent children are no longer being killed by an industry of death.  I hope to leave a world that embraces the sanctity of every human life.  When I say my final good-byes to my children and grandchildren I want to look into their eyes, tell them I love them, and for them to know that I gave my all for life.

Thoughts at Age 61 + 8 Days

Some nights I sit down at my computer and have no idea what I’ll write about in my quest to end abortion.  This is one of those nights.  When I’m at a loss for words I think about my 2 grandsons and the series of miracles that brought them into my life.  I remember the final embrace on Sunday night as I secured my oldest grandson into his car seat and my feelings as I walked to my front door, missing him and his little brother before they had even left my driveway.  I treasure the time I spend with my grandsons and grieve for those who will never feel the unconditional love and trust of a child of their child.

Every child; every human being is a universally unique miracle from the moment of conception.  As a child I depended entirely upon others for my very survival, just like every other human being.  As an adult I feel morally obligated to return the favor.  Until a few years ago I was happy to just live my life and deal with my own problems.  While I objected to abortion, I relegated it to the back of my mind as I dealt with what I thought were more immediate concerns.  While I’m far from being a paragon of morality and all that’s good, I felt an unmistakable call, just before the birth of my first grandson, to fight for every unborn child’s right to life.  With the call came the haunting visions I see daily of innocent children being killed under the guise of a woman’s right to choose.

My fight for every child’s right to life is a fight that must be won.  If I can play a part in ending the practice of abortion, good.  If I can inspire someone else to do more than I’m capable of, even better.  Every child has the same right to life as my grandsons and every child deserves the same protections as any other child.  As human beings, we instinctively know the difference between right and wrong.  We know that killing another human being is wrong and while many of us look the other way when it comes to abortion, somewhere deep inside, we all know it’s wrong.

At a little over a week into my 61st year, I’m optimistic.  I look into the eyes of my grandsons and see a world that no longer kills its children.  I see the unlimited potential that’s present in every child and every human being.  In my conversations with young people and anyone else patient enough to listen to me, I feel a willingness from them to change their stance on abortion once they know the truth.  At this stage of my life I’m convinced that if we depend on politicians to bring an end to abortion, it will never end.  It’s up to every one of us who believes in the sanctity of every human life to change the world.  A world that welcomes every new life is within reach. I can feel it.

The End of Abortion

Like many Americans, I was disappointed this week when a handful of its Members temporarily delayed the House’s vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  The delay wasn’t based on principled objections to any of the bill’s provisions.  It was no more than a CYA political move by individuals more concerned with getting reelected than saving innocent children.  House leadership assures us that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be voted on and passed in very short order.  I’ll take them at their word, and trust but verify.

I’m convinced more every day that the end of abortion will not be brought about by legislation, but by a change in the hearts and minds of my fellow human beings.  As parents, grandparents, and mentors, we are on the front lines in the battle to end the elective killing of our unborn children.  It’s up to us to instill within all those in our sphere of influence the values that hold the right to life as the most priceless gift in the universe.  It’s our job to remind our fellow human beings that the same God that created the infinite universe, with countless stars, planets, and galaxies, still knows each of us by name and grants each of us the gift of life for a reason.  As I’ve written on previous occasions, I don’t claim to know His reasons for granting every life, but I accept on faith that every time He grants the gift of life He does so with the intent that it be held as equal in value to every other life He has ever created.

Science has irrefutably proven that life begins at conception, so arguing among ourselves as to when it should be legal to abort an unborn child is illogical.  Conferring legal status to the killing of another human being, whatever its stage of development, does nothing to void the moral obligation we all have to protect every human life.  Abortion giants like Planned Parenthood will cease to exist as soon as there is no longer a demand for their deadly services.  And the demand for abortion will exist no matter how many bills are passed, if we fail as a society to reaffirm the sanctity of every human life.  We will also set ourselves up for failure if we underestimate the money and influence wielded by the abortion industry.  They won’t give up the billions they make by killing our children without a fight.

Like a tourniquet temporarily staunches the flow of blood until a more permanent fix can be implemented, the repeal of Roe v Wade and the passing of bills placing restrictions on abortion will do much to stop the bleeding in the short term.  The only permanent solution will come from a reassessment of our core values, universal acceptance of every human being’s basic right to life, and the willingness of all of us to serve and protect our fellow man.




There is much hoopla in America right now over 2 pounds of air pressure in less than a dozen footballs.  If it’s proven that the Patriots intentionally altered these footballs in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage, they cheated. Based on their past history, I’m thinking it was intentional.  The irony is, the Patriots are good enough to win without cheating.  I’m not a Patriots fan, but I admire their athletic abilities.  While I admire their prowess on the football field, I have no respect for them as an organization.  Unfortunately, they seem to have bought into a win at all costs mentality.  It seems they don’t understand that by sacrificing your honesty and integrity in order to win; you ultimately lose everything.

Football is only a game, and in the big scheme of things, I have very little interest in what a bunch of highly paid men, frozen in adolescence, are willing to do for a trophy and a couple lines in a record book.  I am concerned, however, that the instant gratification attitude of many role models, such as professional athletes, is endemic in our society.  Honesty is seen by far too many as not worth the effort.  While most of us are concerned about one another, we tend to put our own interests above the greater good.

As a pro-life advocate, I’m forced to look into the belly of the beast on a daily basis.  I watch as Planned Parenthood lies and opposes legislation designed to save innocent children, all in their efforts to remain the world’s largest killer of unborn babies.  I drive by my local Planned Parenthood office and feel that I’m in the presence of pure evil.  Occasionally though, even Planned Parenthood is forced to be honest.  In their latest Annual Report for 2013-2014 they’re forced to reveal the ugly truth about what they do and what they get for it.  Planned Parenthood’s most recent Annual report shows that they killed 327,653 children last year and received over $528 million from the U.S. taxpayers.  You have to dig deep to find the real numbers, but they’re in there.

Every year, in their continuing efforts to appear to be anything but what they really are, Planned Parenthood awards some hapless public figure the Margaret Sanger Award, in the name of their racist, eugenicist founder.  Recent recipients include Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton, upon receiving the award, said she admired Margaret Sanger’s vision.  Margaret Sanger’s vision was to exterminate the black race, to whom she referred as “human weeds.”  If Planned Parenthood was honest, they would publicly embrace the vision of their founder.  Since they’re anything but honest, they decided to branch out and kill any child of any race, as long as they get paid.

Planned Parenthood is a lot like the New England Patriots.  They’ll do anything to make themselves look good.  They’ll lie and cheat to achieve their mission, and they’ll only be honest about what they do when they are forced to do so.  To many, they both appear to be on top of their game right now.  They’ll both learn soon enough that lying and cheating will get you everything that you don’t want.

Letter to President Obama #100

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 January 13, 2015

 Mr. President:

In June of 2013 the House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Your gatekeeper in the Senate, Harry Reid, blocked a vote on this bill so you wouldn’t be forced to veto it.  He ran out the clock so you wouldn’t be placed in the position of having to explain to the American people why you don’t object to allowing pain-capable babies to be killed.

The House is poised to pass this bill again on or about January 22 and new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised to bring it to a vote in the Senate.  With any luck, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be on your desk by the end of February.  What will your justification be for not signing this bill?  Do you know anything about the procedure that is employed to kill a late-term baby, or worse yet, do you not care?

Dilation and Evacuation, the procedure used to kill late-term babies, is brutally effective.  The unborn, pain-capable child is systematically ripped apart, limb by limb, until it dies and all its body parts can be removed from the mother’s body.  About 20,000 babies are killed in this manner every year in America.  They experience the agony of every rip and tear until they die.  They don’t have a voice and their screams can’t be heard.  They’re totally at the mercy of a supposedly civilized society.

Over a million unborn children are killed every year in America’s abortion mills, so the 20,000 or so that this bill addresses may not seem to be a big number; some may even consider it insignificant; nothing more than a rounding error.  Mr. President, every single one of these lives matters and every single one is priceless.  Your cronies at Planned Parenthood don’t agree.  They place a value on the head of every child they kill; that being the fee they get for killing it.

Mr. President, signing the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is a no-brainer.  There is no logical reason to veto a bill designed solely to protect innocent children.  I ask that you place politics aside, and look inside your heart when this bill reaches your desk.  Imagine the pain and suffering that will come to an end with a simple stroke of your pen.  Sir, you are on the record as saying that you have a phone and a pen and that you intend to use them.  I implore you to use your pen in the name of every innocent child that is simply striving to exercise its God-given right to life.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc:  Planned Parenthood



Perspective #2

My team, the Ravens, were eliminated from the playoffs last night.  I would have liked to have seen them win, but at this stage of my life I see it for what it is; it’s only a game.  Most of the things in life that set us up for stress or disappointment just aren’t that important. When we view these things from the perspective of life or death; and in the context of eternity, we’re able to see what’s truly important.  Life goes on, whether my team wins or not.  My team can be proud of the fact that they fought a good fight and that the final outcome of the game wasn’t decided until the last play.  Fighting the good fight and walking away with your head held high, knowing that you did your best, is good enough for most situations in life.  Unfortunately, the fight I’ve committed to winning is not a game, and it is a matter of life and death.

Losing my fight to end abortion is not an option.  If my efforts and those of millions of other supporters of the pro-life movement fail, unborn children will continue to be killed by the millions.  This is not a fight that we can walk away from, heads held high, satisfied that we did our best, even if we don’t win.  This is not a fight between principled warriors.  It’s a fight between those of us who revere the sanctity of every human life and those in the business of killing unborn children for nothing more than a few hundred bucks per life.  When viewed from a purely numerical perspective, the number of unborn children killed every year by America’s abortion industry is about equal to the total number of soldiers who have died in all our nation’s military conflicts since our founding.

From any perspective, the number of children killed in America since Roe v Wade is staggering; nearly 60 million.  Abortion is slowly declining, but that provides no comfort to my side or the more than 1 million unborn children who will die this year at the hands of Planned Parenthood and its cohorts in the abortion industry.  Victory for my side is no less than every unborn child being allowed to exercise its God given right to life.

My team won’t be making it to the Super Bowl this year, but they’ll persevere and they’ll be back soon.  They know that focusing on your goal and committing to doing whatever it takes to achieve it, will eventually get you there.  They view every failure as an opportunity to improve, and as taking them one step closer to reaching their goal.  My daily goal is to help end the practice of abortion, and I have faith that every day that I fail to achieve my mission brings me one step closer to completing it.  My Super Bowl is a world that welcomes its unborn children as the gifts from God that they are.  It’s a world where every life is viewed as equally important as any other, regardless of whether it has just been conceived or has long since been born.



Degrees of Outrage #8

The world is outraged today over the Paris terrorist attack where 3 Islamic thugs murdered 12 French citizens. Heavily armed cowards murdered these people for being intolerant of their religion and publishing caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.  Apparently, their version of tolerance calls for killing anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Over 3,000 unborn American children were killed in their mothers’ wombs on the day these murders took place.  Tens of thousands of unborn children were killed around the world on the same day.

I view these events from my perspective and mine alone.  I see a world full of outrage over the murders of 12 people and see most of the same world saying nothing as thousands of unborn children are killed every day.  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.  The brazen, premeditated murders of 12 Parisians was a terrorist attack.  The brazen, premeditated murders of thousands of unborn children was no less a terrorist attack.  An insane ideology that promotes the murder of anyone who disagrees with their insanity is truly insane.  An insane ideology that thrives by claiming that a woman has the right to have her unborn child killed, usually as a matter of convenience, is insanity on steroids.

We’re living in a world where the value of a human life is eroding by the day.  We kill one another over trivial matters and kill our own children in our blind pursuit of avoiding the consequences of our actions.  We allow Planned Parenthood and the abortion mills of the world to convince us that a baby isn’t a living human being until it leaves its mother’s body.  They say it’s not alive, but they have to kill it to make it go away.  The abortion industry knows that shining the light of truth on the practices they engage in will bring about their own demise.

Outrage over the taking of any innocent life is justifiable, but it must be consistent.  The victims of today’s attack in Paris were innocent human beings, simply living their lives.  The victims in the world’s abortion mills today were innocent human beings, simply living their lives.  Every human being on earth is at a different stage of its never ending development than any other human being on earth; whether in the womb or near the end of a long life.  Babies in the womb are no less human than any other human being.  Until we hold every human life as equal to every other human life, we will continue to kill each other.

As I’ve stated in previous pieces on outrage, I view anger as a waste of time and energy unless it is channeled to take positive action to remedy the source of your outrage.  Taking a selfie while holding a placard reading #End Abortion or #Stop Terrorism doesn’t count.  If you believe in your cause, you must be willing to risk everything to bring about the change you seek.  Find your calling, dedicate your self to it, and change the world.

Letter to Mitch McConnell #2

Senator Mitch McConnell

317 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20510

 January 6, 2015

  Senator McConnell:

Last November I asked you to bring the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act up for a vote as soon as you assumed the role of Majority Leader in the Senate.  Your predecessor blocked this bill for over a year and a half so President Obama wouldn’t have to veto a bill designed to save pain-capable babies from indescribably painful deaths.  He chose politics over the lives of innocent children.  What will you do?

Senator, there is no downside to standing up for life.  There will be no political price to pay for banning abortions of unborn children who can feel the pain of being killed.  The new Senate has plenty of work to do, but nothing more important than passing this bill.  Stand up for life and make President Obama explain to the American people why he approves of killing pain-capable babies by the thousands.

America has a lot of problems right now, and most of them can be traced back to how we treat the most vulnerable among us.  Sir, our unborn children don’t have a voice and don’t have a vote.  What they do have is the gift of life; the very same gift of life that you and I were granted by our Creator.  We are honor bound to protect each other and morally bound to protect our unborn children.  The American people soundly rejected the policies of the most abortion-friendly President in history last November.  They sent a message to you and every other elected official that business as usual will no longer be tolerated.

Senator, you have the votes in the Senate to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Your colleagues in the House passed it in June of 2013.  All it will take from you is the courage to allow an up or down vote in the Senate. There is no logical reason for delaying a vote on this bill.  There is no logical reason for President Obama to veto it.  There is no logical reason to not pass this bill even if the President does veto it.

You and your colleagues serve at the pleasure of your constituents.  Most Americans oppose abortion and an overwhelming majority opposes abortion beyond 20 weeks.   Common sense would seem to dictate that you and every other elected official serve the best interests of the ones that put you in office.  Common sense would seem to dictate that if you see innocent children being killed and have the power to stop it, you do just that.

Senator, bottom line; every day this bill is not acted upon, innocent children die horrible, senseless deaths.  Pass the bill, override the President’s veto, and stand up for America’s unborn children.

All my letters are published on my prolife blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Should you choose to reply I’ll publish it, unedited.







Sundays are a mixed bag for me.  It’s the day of the week that I get to spend the most time with my grandsons.  It’s also the last day that over 3,000 unborn babies will be alive in America.  On Monday they will be killed in one of our nation’s abortion mills.  While I watch football and play with my grandsons on Sundays, young mothers are struggling with the decision they’ve made to have their unborn child killed.  Somewhere deep inside, most of them know that a human life will be ended because of their decision.  Their justifications for doing the unjustifiable range from “I can’t care for a child right now”, “it’s better off dead”, and “I can’t afford a child”, to “abortion is legal, so I’m not doing anything wrong”.

Abortion is legal in America, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.  Everything that happened in the Nazi concentration camps during World War 2 was legal at the time in Germany.  The extermination of an entire culture of people was legal, and through the lens of hindsight and history it’s now viewed as one of the most horrific human disasters of all time. I can only imagine how abortion will be viewed by future generations long after it is finally abolished.

The number of fans packing the stadiums at yesterday’s 2 NFL playoff games represent less than 10% of the total number of children who will die this year at the hands of Planned Parenthood and its colleagues in the business of killing children for a fee.  For football fans this is the best time of the year.  For Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry it’s just business as usual.  Next weekend the cycle will repeat itself.  Fans will be watching football, hoping that their team will survive another week, and I’ll be hard at work, hoping that I can convince even one mother to allow a child scheduled to die on Monday to live.

The teams still in the running for the Super Bowl are the best of the best.  Through hard work and discipline the players on these teams have reached a level that few of their peers will ever experience.  Regardless of what they’ve achieved in their lives, they all started out just like you and me.  We all began our lives as helpless babies, entirely dependent on others for our very survival.  We all received the same animating spark of life from our Creator, and we all have a moral obligation to protect every child, both born and unborn.

I look forward to a time when Sundays are no longer the last day alive for thousands of unborn children.  I look forward to a time when I can watch football again, with my arms around both my grandsons, and not having to worry about how many children will die the next day at the hands of an industry of death.  I look forward to a time when the country I swore an oath to die for, if necessary, returns to the values that made it the greatest country in the history of the world.