Ig-no-rance: the condition or quality of being ignorant; lack of knowledge.

Many of my fellow Americans and even my family members are ignorant of the facts surrounding abortion.  Many believe that an unborn child isn’t a living human being until it is born.  They think that if a baby has some sort of fetal abnormality or the prognosis of a short life if allowed to be born, it should be aborted.  I’ll say again, God doesn’t make mistakes when He grants an unborn child its animating spark of life.  I don’t have the answers.  I don’t know why a child conceived by rape or incest is granted life, but it is, and it’s our moral obligation to respect our Creator’s decision.  I don’t know why He grants a child destined to die before birth or shortly thereafter the gift of life, but I accept on faith that He had a reason, and accept my calling to protect all His creations.

In America we allow over 90% of Down Syndrome babies to be aborted.  These children are killed simply because they lack one chromosome.  They aren’t what society has deemed to be perfect, so they are expendable.  If we continue on this course, at what point do we decide if a child should live or die simply because of the the color of its hair or eyes, or whether its genetic markers indicate it won’t quite be tall enough to meet its parents expectations?   If we continue to kill our own, at what point do we become what our ignorance has driven us to try and avoid?

Most Americans are probably ignorant of the fact that ISIS is now considering impalement as its preferred method of executing its captives.  I won’t go into the details of this barbaric practice; the disturbing reality of it will be saturating social media soon enough.  One method of killing human beings that won’t be getting media coverage is dilation and evacuation.  This is the abortion industry’s method of choice for killing pain-capable unborn children.  The unborn child is ripped apart, limb by limb until it dies and becomes a bloody jigsaw puzzle of tiny body parts on a surgical tray.  Just because most of us are ignorant of the fact that this goes on every day in America, does nothing to lessen the agony these children endure to satisfy our society’s quest to avoid the consequences of our actions.

Ignorance is not an excuse for allowing innocent lives to be taken unchallenged.  Ignorance is not bliss.  Ignorance demands a price that we all must pay; a price that rises commensurate to the level of our ignorance.  Telling ourselves that ignoring evil will make it go away, does nothing to serve humanity.  Choosing ignorance over action, while hoping someone else will do what we lack the will or courage to do, is nothing less than an endorsement of evil.  We all begin our lives in ignorance.  If we choose to remain in a state of ignorance, we waste the gift of life we have been given and dishonor the One who granted us the gift.

One thought on “Ignorance

  1. Reblogged this on Pro Life Pop Pop and commented:

    When I wrote this piece in December of 2014, the Hildabeast, otherwise known as Hillary Clinton, had not yet begun her campaign for the Presidency. She was hard at work though; working to make it easier to abort your child, and pulling all the political strings for Planned Parenthood. Hillary Clinton and America’s abortion industry are counting on our collective ignorance in order to keep our taxpayer dollars flowing into the front door of Planned Parenthood while the dead bodies of millions of innocent children are unceremoniously disposed of at the back door.
    There are countless reasons for not supporting Hillary Clinton. For me, my number 1 reason is her rabid support of the abortion industry. She claims to be all about working for women and children. She makes this claim even though over half of the more than 1 million children killed every year by Planned Parenthood and their partners in crime are tiny little girls. ignorance of abortion is no excuse for allowing it to continue. If we fail to stand up against evil, we become its willing accomplices.

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