More of the Same

capitol3I had big hopes this year when the Republican controlled House and Senate were seated..  Both chambers had promised to move quickly on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and both have failed miserably.  If they ever get around to passing this bill it will be vetoed by President Obama.  His veto will spark a much needed debate and raise awareness of the brutality of our nation’s abortion industry.  I believe this debate will eventually result in the passage of this life-saving bill.

While our elected officials play politics and cook up backroom deals, children are dying by the thousands.  I was optimistic that this year it would be different.  Now I see that I was duped again into believing that some politicians would actually do what they said they would do if I would just vote for them.  Both the House and Senate have pro-life majorities.  They can save lives and pass legislation to make it harder to have your child killed in America, but they would have us believe that they have more important things to do.  On a national level, it is just as easy today to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and have your unborn child killed as it was before last November’s elections.  From my perspective, our country is being run by elected leaders who fail to see or choose to ignore the wishes of their constituents.  We can and must do better.

It makes no difference to the thousands of unborn children who will die in America’s abortion mills tomorrow, whether the person killing them is a Republican or Democrat; they will still die.  Unlike you and me, they can’t decide what course their life will follow.  They can’t protest their own killing, and are powerless to defend themselves.  Every unborn child must depend entirely upon the good will and kindness of others for their very survival.  As a society, we have failed the ones who need us the most.  We’ve made it legal to kill them for any reason, at any time, right up to the moment of their birth.  We even send evil empires, like Planned Parenthood, hundreds of millions of dollars every year so they can kill even more children.

We get the leaders we deserve, and the consequences of our actions against our unborn children have placed us in the position we are now in.  We could end the killing tomorrow, but we don’t have the will to accept the undeniable truth that every new life has the absolute right to simply live.  We take it upon ourselves to decide which child should live and which should die, all the while doing everything we can to preserve our own lives.  We look forward to all of our tomorrows, and deny thousands of children one more tomorrow every day.

Our elected leaders will not lead unless they are lead by us.  They will only take action if it leads to them keeping their jobs.  We have a moral obligation to do right by the weakest among us.  We must demand that our elected leaders do our bidding.  We must hold them to the highest standards and we must individually do the same.  Our children deserve no less.

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