Easter, 2015

2,000 years ago a man willingly sacrificed His life so all our sins, however egregious, could be forgiven.  All that He asked in return was that we believe the words He spoke and strive to live our lives as He did.  He knew that all of us would fail daily in this pursuit and assured us that He would be by our side every step of the way.  I take comfort in knowing that I am never truly alone and that He walks beside me whether I’m trying to do what Jesus would do or doing something  I know He would never do.

I watched Killing Jesus last night and was profoundly moved by scenes of the sacrifices He made for all of us. I know it was only a movie, but as it ended I felt a sense of calm and a knowing that no matter what life throws at me, everything will be alright.  A couple years ago I was called to play my part in ending abortion.  It was a calling that I can’t explain in words, but a calling that I know was real.  I’ve asked “why me?” more than a few times, and every day I have doubts that anything I could ever do will make a difference.  When we look at our lives from the perspective of what Jesus did for the world, the trials and tribulations we stress over daily are actually nothing more than transitory space/time events.  Like everything else, they will pass, and any sacrifices we make to serve our fellow man pale in comparison to what He did for all of us.

As a military veteran, I see my physical life as a boot camp that prepares me for and determines how I will spend eternity. Just like boot camp, if you tough it out and do the right things, you’ll be ok.  In my opinion,doing the right thing is the default setting for every human being.  Think about it.  What does the little voice in your head tell you when you’ve done a good thing or a bad thing?  We all have an inner voice that will guide us toward our unique purpose.  Find your purpose, take action, and watch as miracles occur.

Jesus showed us that one man can change the world forever.  He told us that all the things He did, and greater things still, could be done by any of us.  This weekend I ask that you reflect on the sacrifices He made for us, and commit to serving your fellow man.  Do so with faith that you can literally move mountains, and that anything is possible.  All you have to do is believe.