Personhood: Reposted

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A little over a year ago I wrote a piece titled Personhood.  To America’s abortion industry, Personhood is a four letter word.  It represents everything they refuse to acknowledge.  Personhood rightly conveys living, human status to an unborn child, thereby invoking the protection of their right to life under our Constitution.  Planned Parenthood would have you believe that an unborn child does not become a living human being until they say it does.  Personhood means to them that they will have to stop killing babies for money and get a real job.

On a week during which the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare, the abortion industry’s best friend, and trashed our Constitution with several other acts of legislation from the bench, I felt today was a good time to revisit the reality of personhood, and reflect on the most important of all our rights; the right to life.  Essential, divinely ordained…

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