Elections Have Consequences

When the cattle call for President began, I really liked Carly Fiorina, but she didn’t catch on and eventually dropped out.  Since Carly dropped out, I’ve been bouncing between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.  Any of the 5 men still standing on the Republican side would be a much better President than the socialist, pro-abortion, Bernie Sanders or the lying, pro-abortion, criminal, Hillary Clinton.  Trump, Cruz, and Rubio claim to be pro-life, and I take them at their word.  Trump claims that he has evolved from being pro-choice to pro-life, and once again, I accept that he is sincere when he says this.  The problems I have with Trump are many and varied.  His condescending and derisive attitude towards his opponents is off putting.  He speaks in generalities and has yet to be specific on how he intends to”Make America Great Again.”  He praises Planned Parenthood and states that they do great things for millions of women.  At Thursday night’s debate he made the statement that abortion only represents 3% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood.  This tells me that he has bought into Planned Parenthood’s convoluted bookkeeping logic that classifies an abortion as 1 service, and a visit where you walk in and receive 5 packages of condoms and 5 brochures as 10 services provided.

The hysteria surrounding Trump reminds me of the same blind faith that was given to a man named Barack Obama.  On nothing more than one good speech and a slick PR campaign, he was elected President.  We have to get it right this time or the America our founders envisioned will be lost.  Under two terms of an “American Idol President” our national debt has doubled, our stature in the world has diminished, and those who would wish to do us harm have been emboldened by a President who projects weakness.  While I’m not saying Trump would be another Obama, the parallels between their campaigns are unmistakable.  They both commandeered the news cycle. They’re both proficient in saying just enough to convince their supporters that they have all the answers, and they both heap scorn on anyone who dares to disagree with them.  If nothing else, Donald Trump deserves credit for shaking things up.  His lack of political correctness is refreshing, and has changed the course of this campaign, and campaigns in the future. If Trump is the last man standing on the Republican side, I’ll hold my nose and he’ll get my vote, but he’s not getting my endorsement.

The Washington establishment is broken and dysfunctional.  The good ole boy network on both sides of the aisle doesn’t want a President who makes waves.  They want to keep things the way they are and to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done.  Doing things the way they’ve always been done has given us an America that is broke, overregulated, and over taxed; and a citizenry that fears its government. Our founders never intended it to be this way.  The people shouldn’t fear the government.  The government should fear the people.  The ideal President should be someone the establishment fears.  He or she should be a principled individual, willing to do the people’s bidding, and committed to preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution.  Our President must be unbeholden to special interests and merciless when it comes to trimming the fat from a morbidly obese bureaucracy that is collapsing under the weight of its collective incompetence.  He or she must be committed to protecting the right to life from the moment of conception and unapologetic for looking to God for strength.

No one on the Democrat side of the ticket even remotely meets these criteria.  Four of the five men still standing on the Republican side do.  All these criteria are my litmus test for the candidate I support for President of the greatest country on earth.  These men and women are applying for George Washington’s job.  When we make our choice for the 45th person in history to hold this job, we can’t view it as a popularity contest and we can’t sit home and not vote if our candidate doesn’t end up being the nominee.  This election will determine what kind of future our children and grandchildren will have.  American exceptionalism is alive and well but it’s buried under an oppressive government and incompetent leadership.  The one man who can right the good ship America and get her back on course is Ted Cruz.  I support everything he stands for and offer my humble blog’s endorsement of his candidacy.



You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that killing innocent children for money is wrong. You don’t have to be a bioethicist to know that taking the life of an innocent human being is wrong. Most of us know the difference between right and wrong but many of us lack the courage of conviction to defend those who are not able to defend themselves. Many of us wish we had the courage to stand up for innocent babies but most of us will leave that task to others.
You don’t have to be a super-hero to be courageous, you simply have to know what you are willing to risk everything for. I’ve reached the point in my life where I no longer care about money and possessions or being one of the cool kids. I know that speaking out in defense of life is the right thing to do and I’m willing to accept the consequences of my actions. That’s why I wrote the following piece on Courage last May.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Cour-age: the quality of being fearless or brave; valor; pluck.  I believe that the courage of one’s convictions is the true test of character.  How many who will read this have the courage to defend an innocent life, whatever the cost?  Too many of us choose to dwell in the past or rely on the future; ignoring the clear and present opportunity to save lives and to change the world.  With all due respect to Webster’s New World Dictionary, I disagree with their definition of courage. Courage, in my view, is doing what you know is right and of benefit to others in spite of your fear of failure, ridicule, or risk to your wellbeing.  It is taking a leap of faith and knowing that the cause you are willing to risk everything for is worth it.  It’s wanting nothing for your efforts other than the outcome you seek.


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Over the last 3 years I’ve written and published so many pieces, when I go back and read some of them I don’t remember writing them. The following piece, written a year ago today, is one of them. Even though I may not remember writing a particular piece, I’ll never forget what I’m writing about. Most of my work on this site is focused on two things; closing the doors of Planned Parenthood and ending the practice of abortion.
As I wrote in this piece, the world is full of contradictions and obvious truths. I live in a country founded on divinely endowed rights, such as the right to life. Contrary to our founding principles, we allow over a million tiny human beings to be killed in America every year, just as their lives are beginning. The obvious truth is that that we can’t violate these basic principles without shattering ourselves against them.
If my life is to be judged by what I did or did not do for those who were defenseless to help themselves, I’ll accept my fate.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Planned Parenthood and its ilk promote what they call “safe abortions.”  They rely on our ignorance and gullibility when they try to convince us that a procedure specifically designed to kill a human being is safe.   They know that practicing truth in advertising would be a much tougher sell if they called the service they provide “brutally murdering your unborn child for money”.  The abortion industry is very good at what they do.  They should be.  They’ve had nearly 60 million opportunities to practice.

The abortion industry survives on contradictions, deception, and lies.  They accuse the pro-life side of waging a war on women because we don’t believe a woman has the right to choose to have her child killed.  They say we’re waging a war on women when over half the babies they kill are little girls.  Planned Parenthood’s motto is “Care, No Matter What”, when all they…

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As Justice Scalia is laid to rest today, for the first time in history, a sitting President will not be attending the funeral of a sitting Supreme Court Justice.  This is just another peek behind the curtain of a man devoid of character and integrity.  While my focus in this forum is ending abortion, I refuse to shy away from its enablers and leaders like President Obama who represent the worst when it comes to helping our fellow man and simply doing what is right.  Before the body was cold, the President was injecting politics into a national tragedy; just like he always does.  Antonin Scalia was a staunch defender of our Constitution and deserves better than the President sending crazy Uncle Joe to represent him at the funeral.

One has to wonder why a President who is able to make time to visit Cuba next month to pay his respects to a radical Communist regime, can’t seem to find the time, on a day when he has no events on his schedule, to pay his respects to a true patriot like Justice Scalia.  Character, honesty, and integrity mean you do the right thing, whether the whole world is watching or whether you are the only one who knows you are doing it.  President Obama has an extensive record of doing the wrong things as the world watches.  One can only imagine what he is capable of doing off the record.

During next month’s trip to Cuba the President will be glad handing with the leaders of a regime who murdered every property owner in the country when they seized power.  During the 2 days he is there, over 6,000 unborn children will be killed in America by Planned Parenthood and their partners in crime.  President Obama is Planned Parenthood’s most enthusiastic cheerleader.  The man who swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, claims that a woman has a “core Constitutional right” to have her unborn child killed.  The printer seems to have left that passage out of my copy.

Like many things in life, character isn’t something you can touch or put your hands around, but you know it when you see it.   You know it when you see the people you should be able to trust the most saying and doing things that a reasonable, principled person would not.  President Obama and his friends in the abortion industry continue to say that abortion on demand should be the norm.  They would have you believe that killing your child as a matter of convenience is no big deal.  They’ll tell you that people like me are crazed ideologues because we believe every human life is priceless.

Character is strengthened or abandoned in the face of adversity.  We can choose to stand on principle when the going gets tough, or we can choose to go along to get along; denying the fact that tough choices are inevitable.  President Obama has assumed the default position of those without character.  He’s content with a legacy of ineptitude and incompetence; content to leave the mess he has created, to future generations to fix.

Letter to President Obama #102

When I wrote letter #102 to President Obama almost a year ago, I had already begun the countdown; 2 years until the worst President in our country’s history is shown the door. If we ever needed principled leadership, it’s now. Today, 7 years after he took office, everything he has done has diminished the greatness of the country I love. As I’ve written many times, everything he has done can be undone once he is gone; everything but the deaths of over 8 million unborn children who will have been aborted on his watch.
As I’ve also written many times, the true test of a leader is how he treats those who are powerless to oppose him. The most abortion-friendly President we have ever had, has done nothing as millions of unborn children were being slaughtered by an abortion industry that he openly endorses.
January 20, 2017 can’t come soon enough. Until then, I’ll continue to send him letters and I’m pretty sure he will continue to ignore me.
The following letter, written on February 22, 2015, like all my letters to the President, most likely suffered an untimely death at the hands of the White House shredder.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Barack ObamaThe White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 February 22, 2015

 Mr. President:

Radical Islamists are threatening to launch attacks on America’s shopping malls and, as you’ve done throughout your political career, you’re voting present. You abandoned the most vulnerable among us, our unborn children, years ago, and now you’re content to just play golf and attend fundraisers as the world implodes around us. You ignore our allies’ requests for military assistance in the war against ISIS, yet you have time to meet with clowns like Al Sharpton and seek his advice on race relations.

Mr. President, the over half a billion dollars you will send to Planned Parenthood this year would go a long way towards wiping out terrorism.  Apparently, you would rather see it spent wiping out the lives of over 1 million unborn American children.  Sir, if you spent a fraction…

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Through the Eyes of a Child

The day before my oldest grandson and best buddy turns 5, I’m thinking about a piece I wrote last May. Him, along with his little brother, are my main inspiration to work on behalf of the pro-life movement. Watching a hungry child eat, or a happy child at play are two of the most beautiful things in life. Observing them noodling out a problem through the perspective of total innocence is a lesson on how to live.
While we twist ourselves into knots over problems that really aren’t problems, they’re happy playing with the box their latest toy came in.
Children know how to prioritize: sleep, eat, play, repeat.
Watch a child. View your next so called problem through the eyes of a child and learn again to approach every day with a sense of awe.

Pro Life Pop Pop

I marveled on Mother’s Day at the look of sheer joy on my grandson’s face as he romped barefoot through the lawn sprinkler in my backyard.  He wasn’t thinking of the thousands of innocent children who would die in America’s abortion mills just a day later.  He was living in the moment, and feeling the joy of being alive; knowing that he was safe with me.  I shared his joy, but knew that by the next Mother’s Day we spend together, over 1 million unborn children will have been intentionally killed in the country I love.

We can learn a lot from our children and grandchildren.  I watch my grandsons as they experience, for the first time, all the things that most of us take for granted.  They haven’t been taught how to hate anyone or to be biased against anyone who looks different or speaks in a different language…

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Since we’re fully into the political season, I thought it would be a good time to talk about deception. When I wrote this piece last summer, video proof of what Planned Parenthood does every day had just come to light. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have exclusive rights to deception. Candidates from both Parties are stretching the truth and outright lying as I write this.
Planned Parenthood has to lie about what they do in order to survive. Those who wish to be our President have to as well. Our job is to pick the least unpalatable of the bunch.
My litmus test for President is easy. They have to be pro-life. As far as I’m concerned, if they’re pro-life we can work out the details on the rest. If they’re pro-life, support defunding Planned Parenthood, and willing to overturn Roe v Wade, they’ve got my vote.

Pro Life Pop Pop

You place a living child behind a curtain.  You reach behind the curtain and systematically dismember the child until it is dead.  Under the laws of God and man you have committed a murder.  A living child rests comfortably in its mother’s womb.  An abortionist reaches into the mother’s womb and systematically dismembers the child until it is dead.  Under the laws of God you have killed a human being.  Under the laws of the country I love, the procedure is perfectly legal.  To add insult to injury, the U.S. taxpayers are forced to subsidize Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, to the tune of over $500 million every year, while they make billions from the fees they charge for killing children.

If an unborn child is simply a blob of tissue, as claimed by Planned Parenthood, why does it have to be killed for the abortion procedure to…

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When I started this blog in 2013 I intended to include a brief narrative with every post in order to explain my motivation at the time I wrote it. Once I started posting articles and started getting followers and responses, I felt compelled to get as many posts published as quickly as possible; and the opening narratives were abandoned in the interest of expediency. I’m going back now, and doing what I intended to do in the first place.
When I wrote this piece last January, the news cycle was being dominated by “Deflategate;” a couple pounds of air pressure in the New England Patriots’ footballs.
I’ve never been accused of being overly intelligent, but I would like to think that those who know me best know how highly I value honesty and integrity. The way I see it, if you’re willing to cheat on the small things, you’ll probably do the same on the big things.
Margaret Sanger Award winner, Hillary Clinton, is asking America to give her the keys to the White House. Honesty and integrity are concepts that she fails to have even a tenuous grasp upon.
What she does have, firmly in her grasp, is the abortion industry and the financial support of Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider. She knows the abortion industry kills over a million children every year in America; but she doesn’t care, as long as the money continues to roll in.
Lying and cheating may get you what you want in the short term but, in the end, the Universe’s perfect accounting system reconciles all debts owed.

Pro Life Pop Pop

There is much hoopla in America right now over 2 pounds of air pressure in less than a dozen footballs.  If it’s proven that the Patriots intentionally altered these footballs in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage, they cheated. Based on their past history, I’m thinking it was intentional.  The irony is, the Patriots are good enough to win without cheating.  I’m not a Patriots fan, but I admire their athletic abilities.  While I admire their prowess on the football field, I have no respect for them as an organization.  Unfortunately, they seem to have bought into a win at all costs mentality.  It seems they don’t understand that by sacrificing your honesty and integrity in order to win; you ultimately lose everything.

Football is only a game, and in the big scheme of things, I have very little interest in what a bunch of highly paid men, frozen in adolescence…

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Letter to Hillary Clinton #2

I wrote the following letter to Hillary Clinton last May. She’s got a lot going on, and I’m sure that the fact that I’m pro-life and conservative had nothing to do with her not answering my letter.
With the passing of Antonin Scalia, America needs principled leaders more than ever. We can’t afford to let a wack-job like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton stack the Court with Liberals who will further undermine the Constitution and legislate from the bench.
While my highest priority for a political candidate is whether or not they are pro-life, I also have zero tolerance for criminals and liars; admittedly rare qualities for either party.
Hillary Clinton is a vile human being; devoid of a conscience, and the last person America needs in the White House.
Even though I believe she will be under indictment and forced to withdraw from the race due to legal issues or some sort of made up medical issue, I will continue to oppose her candidacy just in case the Obama political machine lets her slide.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Hillary Rodham Clinton

120 West 45th Street

Suite 2700

New York, N.Y.  10036

 May 17, 2015

 Mrs. Clinton:

I’m baffled that as a Presidential candidate you refuse to make yourself available to the press and refuse to answer any questions.  One could come to the conclusion that you have something to hide.  I’m even more baffled by your unbridled support of the abortion industry and your opposition to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Mrs. Clinton, as a grandmother would you have had a problem if your daughter had decided to abort your granddaughter at the point that she could have felt the pain of being killed?

Mrs. Clinton, your good friends and supporters at Planned Parenthood and their colleagues in America’s abortion industry will kill over 1 million unborn children this year; with your consent and approval.  I have a real problem with someone who wants to be…

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Hate Crimes

I wrote the following piece last June, shortly after a young man walked into a Charleston. S.C. church and murdered 9 wonderful people as they worshiped God. I didn’t know it at the time, but a month later I would be standing in front of the church where this senseless act of violence took place. As I stood among the makeshift memorials and signed the message boards, the enormity of what had occurred there a few weeks earlier was palpable. People of all races and ethnicities were there and very few words were spoken. We all knew we were on hallowed ground and that no words were necessary.
Whether you call this a hate crime or not, the end result is the same; 9 innocent people are dead. To quote a vile human being named Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make?”
Intentionally killing an innocent human being is what it is, regardless of whether it makes you feel better to call it a hate crime.
When we confer varying degrees of severity to the act of intentionally killing an innocent human being, we fail to value every human life equally, whether it’s living in the womb or walking among us; and we journey down a slippery slope that can’t possibly end well.

Pro Life Pop Pop

What is a hate crime?  This week’s shootings in Charleston, S.C. will be prosecuted as hate crimes.  My question is, what violent crime isn’t a hate crime?  One can logically conclude that the opposite of hate is love.  Is any violent crime not considered a hate crime a love crime?  It seems to me that, as a society, we are tying ourselves into knots with semantics; striving to classify the senseless killing of some as hate crimes while failing to even acknowledge the senseless killing of others.  Striking out against any innocent human being in an act of violence is most certainly not an act of love, but a manifestation of hate; and what good is done by placing labels on it?

When we call a crime a hate crime we are saying we know what the perpetrator was thinking at the time he or she committed the crime.  We…

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