Letter to Planned Parenthood #35

I wrote the following letter to Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards on the day after Christmas, 2 years ago. When I asked in my letter if they gave bonuses to their employees for exceeding their goal of dead babies for the year, I didn’t know that they already did. I still intend to close Planned Parenthood down, and I still haven’t a clue how I will do it.
The time I spent with my grandsons yesterday was priceless, and every child and grandparent should have a chance to feel the joy and love that I felt. Allowing every unborn child to exercise its God given right to life will be a good start.

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Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave.  NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Cecile Richards

December 26, 2013

Ms. Richards:

I hope you and your employees at Planned Parenthood had a wonderful Christmas.  I also hope you and all your employees took the time this Holiday season to reflect on what you do for a living and the suffering and death that occurs every day in your clinics.  America’s abortion industry will kill over 1.2 million unborn children before we celebrate another Christmas.  Planned Parenthood will kill over 300,000 of them.  How you and your staff can look your children in the eyes before you go to work every day is beyond my level of understanding.

Ms. Richards, as a businessman I have to forecast how much work I intend to do and how much money I plan to make every year.  Have you prepared your forecast of…

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Very little has changed since I published this piece on Christmas Eve of last year. While the Black Lives Matter clowns disrupt malls and airports, while the bloodbath continues in America’s abortion mills, and while we all wait for the next terrorist attack on American soil, President Obama is in Hawaii, golfing of course.
Fortunately, the new year will be the last year in office for the worst President we have ever had. While I’m trying to eliminate ironic and irony from my vocabulary, I still find it ironic that I can look back on pieces I wrote 1 or 2 years ago and nothing has changed except the date.
This time next year I hope to be writing about the new, conservative President about to take office and the real possibility that we will finally defund Planned Parenthood and sign into law the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Merry Christmas!

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I find it ironic that just days before Christmas, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards tweets “Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.”  Wishes of health and happiness from the head of the world’s largest child killing organization strikes me as a bit patronizing and disingenuous, but maybe it’s just me.  Maybe she really does wish everyone well; everyone lucky enough to have been born that is.  If you’re yet to be born, she’s thinking about you too. She’s thinking about how to convince your mother that having you killed, and paying her to do it, will make her life better.   For Cecile Richards, life goes on.  For any unborn child passing through Planned Parenthood’s doors, it all ends there.

I find it ironic that 2 New York City police officers are assassinated just days before Christmas, and all race-baiting, parasitic leach Al Sharpton can talk about is…

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Dec. 22, 2013

Two years ago today, I wrote about a terrifying incident that had occurred the night before. The previous night, my oldest grandson had suffered a seizure while in my care. When I wrote this piece I was trying to convey the sense of fear and helplessness I initially felt when I discovered my grandson seizing. What I didn’t document when I first wrote this, was that the 911 dispatcher had mistakenly disconnected me twice while I was trying to get help for my grandson. My initial thought when this happened was “Why me?” Now I know that it wasn’t about me at all. I now know that I was where I was that night for a reason. Looking back, I thank God that I didn’t give in to panic and that I did what I had to do to make sure my grandson was taken care of. I was reminded that night that each of us has a source of inner strength that we can tap into at times of crisis. It is there anytime we need it and it will never fail us.
I treasured my grandsons before that night and I treasure them even more now. As long as they are happy and healthy, there is nothing else I need or want.

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Last night I was reminded of the fragility of human life and how quickly everything can change.  I was babysitting my 2 grandsons, aged 4 months and nearly 3 years.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that my night would include a frantic call to 911, an ambulance ride to the hospital, and a stressful night of poking, prodding, and testing on my oldest grandson.

My evening started by feeding the baby and playing with his big brother.  We watched some Christmas movies, changed the baby’s diaper, and played some more.  My oldest grandson was exhausted from a long day of play with no nap and became increasingly cranky, eventually resulting in my placing him in timeout for a couple minutes.  He cried when I imposed the timeout and I felt bad for causing my best friend to cry, but knew that he had to be taught…

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Irony #2

Had the Savior of the world been immaculately conceived in America during these times, there’s a 1 in 3 chance that He would have been aborted.  The world is a mess right now.  Imagine how bad it would be if the prophecy of His birth had not been fulfilled.  During His short life He showed the world the power of faith and proved that each of us is born with unlimited potential.

At birth, Jesus Christ was an innocent, helpless child; just like you and me were.   He showed that 1 man could change the world and promised that each of us could do everything He did, and even greater things.  With every unborn child we allow to be killed, we reject the gift of life He has granted.  Every child that dies at the hands of Planned Parenthood and their fellow baby killers is an opportunity lost.  Not just an opportunity for the child to realize the wonder of the gift of life, but an opportunity for the world to experience the unique contribution that every new life brings.

This is the time of year that Planned Parenthood hands out bonuses to its clinics that exceeded their goal of dead babies for the year.  They consider hundreds of thousands of dead children as a job well done, and they feel a sense of entitlement to the more than $500 million they get every year from the U.S. taxpayers.  On Christmas Eve, as most Americans are making plans to spend time with friends and family, the folks at Planned Parenthood will be squeezing in a few more abortions, before leaving to spend time with friends and family.

I find it hypocritical of those in the abortion industry to celebrate the birth of Jesus when they make a living by killing His most priceless creations.  As bad as what they do is, the debt has already been paid for their crimes against humanity by the very One they dishonor when they kill His children.  The irony is that they can be forgiven for doing the unforgivable, but only if they acknowledge that what they are doing is wrong.

Less than a week before Christmas, our country’s priorities are totally screwed up.  Our leaders downplay the threat of terrorism even though it’s common knowledge that they are already here and plotting attacks.  Token efforts to defund Planned Parenthood work their way through Congress and the White House promises to veto anything that makes it to the President’s desk.  A no consequences mentality permeates our society and people clamor to be offended by just about anything.

A new year is coming and we have a lot of work to do.   America has reached new lows when it comes to honor, integrity, and morality.  When you’ve hit rock bottom it’s easy to see that the only path forward is up.  My focus remains on ending abortion and keeping my family safe.   The way I see it, if we live our lives with respect for every other life, the solutions to all our other problems will be revealed.


As this year comes to an end, I’m reminded of the following piece that I wrote a year ago. I wrote this in the aftermath of the Ferguson rioting and President Obama’s unilateral decision to normalize relations with Cuba. As I wrote, the values and generally accepted principles of human behavior we strive to live our lives by are inviolable and are not subject to flexible interpretations to fit the circumstances we wish to apply them to.
Each of us can look back and see how we could have been better people and how we could have made better choices in the past. Each of us also has the free will to resolve, at this very moment, to spend the rest of our lives serving our fellow man and never turning a deaf ear to a call for help or an opportunity to serve.

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We’re defined by our values and by how we treat the weakest among us.  Millions of unborn children are killed worldwide every year, and we wonder why we see violence around every corner.  We entertain ourselves by watching people kill each other on TV and in movies and become desensitized to violent death.  Our nonchalance over killing our fellow man has allowed organizations like Planned Parenthood to flourish.  We buy into the argument that a woman has the right to choose to have her child killed.  We even help pay for it by sending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the abortion mills that kill them.

We’ve been convinced that our actions don’t come with consequences and that instant gratification is the easy way out.  In today’s world, many new lives are seen as simple inconveniences;  problems that can be “taken care of” at your local Planned Parenthood clinic…

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Degrees of Outrage #7

A year ago I wrote piece number 7 in a series titled Degrees of Outrage. A year later we are under increased threat of terrorist attacks and those on the left are still trying to take away our guns. When I wrote this piece the Obama administration had just revealed to the world what we would not do to terrorists. He doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t tell an enemy what you won’t do to him and expect to win a fight.
The San Bernardino terrorist attack confirms that the terrorists are already here and are plotting how to kill us. We can look away, just like we do as thousands of children are aborted every day, or we can face the truth that evil will not go away on its own.
The world is a much more dangerous place since I wrote this a year ago. The danger increases daily as our President reveals his ineptitude and weakness to those who wish to do us harm.
Hopefully, this time next year I’ll be writing about the demise of ISIS and the shuttered doors of Planned Parenthood, and a strong, conservative President will be about to take office.

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A country that allows over 1 million of its unborn children to be brutally murdered every year under cover of law is now expressing outrage over the enhanced interrogation techniques that were used on ruthless 9/11 terrorists.  So, we don’t have a problem killing 1 million of our kids every year but we draw the line at splashing a little water in a terrorist’s face or making them feel uncomfortable.  Under Senate Democrats we spent $40 million to generate a 6,700 page report that tells every terrorist in the world what we won’t do to them.  This report, released by Senator Dianne Feinstein, will most likely result in the deaths of foreign intelligence operatives and make any country think twice before assisting us in rooting out terrorism.

As a pro-life advocate, I don’t support violence, but I’m also a realist.  I don’t have a problem with the CIA roughing up a…

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Tiny Black Lives Matter

Amid the cacophony of voices screaming Black Lives Matter, I’ll add my two cents; Tiny Black Lives Matter.  I’ve been mainly off the grid the last few weeks, contemplating some major life decisions and trying to absorb the enormity of the growing terrorist threat to freedom loving people, and the growing threat to unborn children from the likes of Planned Parenthood.  It’s abundantly clear that the world’s largest abortion provider receives over $500 million every year from the U.S. taxpayers while killing over 300,000 unborn children.  It’s also quite clear that they harvest the body parts of their tiny victims for sale.

All the groups screaming that their lives matter have a voice to plead their case.  The 1 million unborn children killed every year in America’s abortion mills don’t.  About 600,000 of the children that die at the hands of America’s abortion industry every year are black.  I don’t see the Black Lives Matter folks talking about the hundreds of thousands of unborn black children they allow to be killed year in and year out. They’re content to distort the facts whenever a police officer, especially a white police officer, shoots a black criminal; but choose to say nothing as more black children are aborted in New York City than are allowed to be born.  It’s all about headlines for these clowns, and talking about young black men killing young black men in record numbers or the infanticide taking place against their race doesn’t have a place in their narrative.

If anyone considers me a racist or insensitive for these remarks, so be it.  I know in my heart that I’m not a racist, and everyone in my life that matters knows the same.  The race card has been overplayed by the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world.  They’ve made it nearly impossible for black Americans to express legitimate grievances and neither of these race hustlers has ever taken a stand for the lives of unborn black children.  Black lives matter; but no more or no less than white lives, brown lives, and unborn lives of any race or ethnicity.

The 600,000 black children that die every year by abortion are the future leaders and friends that my grandsons will never know.  Black, white, or otherwise, every child deserves to live.  The Black Lives Matter crowd has no credibility and will never have any until they speak out for the black children that are dying every day, at the hands of a blood-thirsty abortion industry.  If and when they speak out in defense of the unborn, I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with them.



Whether we stick our heads in the sand and try to avoid the truth, our words and actions engender consequences that none of us can avoid.  Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry kills thousands of unborn children every day under the guise of a woman’s right to choose; the right to choose to have a universally unique human being killed on demand. Every life lost represents the loss of unlimited potential, and every innocent human being killed in the name of any insane ideology drags us all closer to a world where we all forget that every life is a gift from God.

The events last week in San Bernardino, California were an all too frequent reminder of man’s inhumanity to man. The liberal posturing, before the bodies were even cold, also reminds those of us who embrace the truth that tragedy to some is merely an opportunity to promote a political agenda.  Homicidal maniacs shooting up a room and killing 14 people is an act of senseless violence.  Responding to this act with calls to disarm law-abiding Americans and refusing to call terrorism what it is, serves no useful purpose and emboldens those who seek to destroy us.

On the day of the San Bernardino massacre America’s abortion industry killed over 3,000 babies.  Every day since then they have killed 3,000 more.  The consequences to a nation that allows over a million children to be killed every year are incalculable and deserved.  The greatest human tragedy in the history of the world could be ended tomorrow if enough of us had the courage to stand up and demand that it end.  I don’t see it happening because too many of us think only of ourselves, and someone else’s problem or the impending death of a defenseless child that we feel no affinity to, is not perceived as our problem.

The media reports ad nauseum about the body count of the latest terrorist attack.  A mass killing takes place every day in America’s abortion mills and the media is conspicuously absent.  The terrorists of the world bear the consequences of their actions.  Those in the business of killing babies do the same.

As I write this, the enemies of civilization are plotting our destruction.  They will be successful in some of their attempts, but in the end they will fail.  If civilization ultimately falls into anarchy, it will come from within.  It will come because nations like America allow their children to be legally killed.  It will come as a consequence of electing inept leaders and abandoning our founding principles.  Each of us has that little voice in our head that tells us whether we are doing right or wrong.  The consequences of listening or failing to do so will follow us and countless others for eternity.


Letter to President Obama #72

Two years ago I wrote the following letter to the worst President in our nation’s history. He was about to roll out ObamaCare and even he knew it was going to be a colossal failure. ObamaCare can be repealed, and just about everything else he has done can be undone. What can’t be undone is the killing of over 1 million unborn children every year in the greatest country on earth.
When you end a human life it is gone forever. When you watch it happen and refuse to take action, you are complicit in the carnage. I refuse to stand by and do nothing and I refuse to care about whose feelings I may hurt by doing what I know in my heart is right.

Pro Life Pop Pop

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

December 4, 2013

Mr. President:

I’ve had a rough couple days at work so far this week.  In my line of work, this time of year can be very stressful.  Not for me though.  I gave up on stress years ago.  As long as I have life and freedom I can make my situation better and deal with the curveballs that life will inevitably toss my way.  Unfortunately, the world’s unborn children don’t enjoy the same luxury.  They live or die based solely on the wishes of their mother and the whims of progressive activists.  Mr. President, I’m convinced that the only thing standing between our unborn children and the unbridled slaughter of them are men and women of good will and the pro-life movement.

Modern society and pro-abortion leaders like you have done your…

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I wrote the following piece in February of this year. President Obama’s rambling speeches at this week’s Climate Change Summit reminded me what a bunch of incompetent amateurs we have running our country and the lack of courage they display in the face of real and present threats. Hashtags and speaking gobbledygoop over global warming, global cooling, climate change, or whatever the flavor of the day happens to be, solves nothing. Blaming climate change for terrorism shows the level of ineptitude we have in the White House.
America’s current President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State represent the combined brainpower of a dung beetle. America can do better, and must.

Pro Life Pop Pop

The worst SOS in our history

In a brazenly brutal use of force, our State Department has launched an all out offensive against ISIS; on Twitter.  Yes, the country with the most lethal military on earth has decided that hashtags are our weapon of choice to defeat a cadre of bloodthirsty terrorists bent on establishing a worldwide caliphate.  While ISIS is chopping off heads and torturing children, we’re shutting down their Twitter accounts.  I’m expecting the unconditional surrender of ISIS any day now.  Can anyone say #Naive Idiots?

We’ve turned the keys to the world’s only remaining superpower over to a bunch of amateurs. These amateurs allow thousands of our own children to be killed every day in our abortion mills, but when it comes to giving the terrorists a dose of their own medicine, our leaders are suffering from acute testicular atrophy.  I’m convinced that the world is embroiled in…

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