Letter to John Kerry #2

Most of my work on this blog is focused on ending the practice of abortion. Occasionally, I veer off course to call out inept politicians, especially when they perform particularly egregious acts of stupidity. The following letter, written a year ago today, was one of those occasions. When I wrote this letter, John Kerry was in the middle of negotiations with the terrorist State of Iran on the now infamous Iran nuclear deal.
The whole world knows that Iran was cheating during negotiations and continues to cheat after the Obama administration gave them everything they wanted. Just today, Iran test launched two ballistic missiles. Inscribed on the side of both missiles was “Israel should be wiped from the pages of history.” In a couple days they’ll undoubtedly receive a strongly worded letter from the U.N. Good job Mr. Secretary!

Pro Life Pop Pop

U.S. Department of State

2201 C Street NW

Washington, D.C.  20520

Attn: Secretary of State John Kerry

 March 9, 2015

 Mr. Secretary:

Let’s begin by assessing your skills as a negotiator.  To date, the only successful negotiations you have ever been a party to consist of you talking 2 rich women into marrying you.  An admittedly impressive feat, but I would postulate that this skill-set does not necessarily translate into you being able to save the world from a nuclear holocaust.  The word on the streets is that the Iranians are handing you your ass on a daily basis as you negotiate a timetable for them to obtain nuclear weapons.  Yes, I said a timetable for them to obtain nuclear weapons.  You and the Obama administration are so desperate to cut any kind of deal with Iran; there is no longer any doubt that they will be able to develop…

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