Letter to Planned Parenthood #7

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave. NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005


Attn:    Cecile Richards


August 6, 2013

Ms. Richards:



Last Saturday we took our grandson to a local carnival where he rode the children’s’ rides, experienced new sights and sounds, and declared his intention that when he turns 3 years old he is going to ride the Ferris Wheel with his Pop Pop.  We spent Saturday and Sunday together and I missed him the moment he left to go home with his Mom and Dad.  Ms. Richards, I love my grandson with all my heart and can’t imagine life without him.


While my grandson spent the weekend being loved and spoiled by his grandparents Planned Parenthood and the rest of America’s abortion mills killed about 6,600 innocent children.  These children will never experience a grandparent’s loving embrace or take their first Ferris Wheel ride.  They all died in a cold and brutal manner, their tiny lifeless bodies discarded like trash, their priceless lives cut short by an industry that brings shame to our great Nation.


Ms. Richards, I ask myself every day what I can do to end the killing of America’s children, and every day the killing continues.  All I can do is persevere with faith that good will triumph over evil in the end.  I honestly believe that the world is embroiled in a battle between good and evil and that your organization and your industry represent the epitome of evil.


I’m trying to understand the mindset of people like you.  Tell me what sense of accomplishment you get from killing hundreds of thousands of children every year.  What is rewarding about your work?  Do you measure your success by profits or the number of babies you kill?  Do you see every pregnant mother as a potential client?  Are your affiliates rewarded for high body counts?


Ms. Richards, my grandchildren and yours deserve to grow up in a country where unborn children are treasured and protected, not killed for a fee.  I want the culture of death to end with our generation.  I want every child to experience the love of a grandparent.


Here’s how we can make this happen.  Have Planned Parenthood stop performing abortions immediately.  If you really are concerned about women’s health, start providing women’s health services.  I’m not asking you close.  I’m just asking you to stop killing babies.


Think about it.  You already have the infrastructure.  Start using it to do some good and stop the killing.




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