Letter to Planned Parenthood #8

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave. NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005


Attn:    Cecile Richards


August 7, 2013

Ms. Richards:



If you’ve bothered to read any of my letters you already know that I have dedicated the rest of my life to ending abortion.  You would also know that I am doing this in honor of my 2 year old grandson and his little brother who is going to be born any day now.  I love my grandchildren more than life itself and want every parent to become a grandparent so they can experience the joy that comes simply from being in the presence of their grandchildren.


My intention isn’t to bore you but I want to recount an experience I had while babysitting my grandson last night.  By the way, I was babysitting so my daughter and son-in-law could visit my daughter’s best friend who had just given birth to a baby boy.  I guess you guys missed another one.  After his bath, my grandson was supposed to be brushing his teeth but was preoccupied and not doing a very good job.  I asked him to pay attention to what he was doing and, after being ignored several times; I took his toothbrush and told him that he had not done a very good job brushing his teeth this time.  He immediately burst into tears and I could see that he was upset because he thought his Pop Pop was disappointed in him.  A couple minutes later we were playing and reading books but I will never forget the look on his face when he thought he had let me down.


Tomorrow night is my weekly ‘grandson night’ and a certain little boy will be receiving extra attention and hugs from his Pop Pop just to make sure he knows how much I love him.  Ms. Richards, these are the experiences we all remember when we choose life and guide our children and grandchildren through their individual journeys.  If my grandson reads this someday I want him to know that he could never let me down and that my love for him comes without conditions and without an end.


Ms. Richards, the young lives that ended in Planned Parenthood’s clinics today will never get the chance to feel a grandparent’s embrace and unconditional love.  The only life experience they had was a short time in their mother’s womb, followed by a brutally violent death, followed by an equally brutal disposal as nothing more than medical waste.


I saw a billboard today a couple miles from one of your clinics.  It said the following: If every child aborted since 1973 was honored with a moment of silence we would be silent for nearly 100 years.


Tomorrow is a new day and with it comes the promise of another chance to change minds and change the world.  I’ll keep chipping away until I break through and convince you of the error of your ways.  Check your mail, read your mail, change your life.



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