Letter to Planned Parenthood #9

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave. NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005


Attn:    Cecile Richards


August 13, 2013

Ms. Richards:



At 12:45 AM last Saturday morning my latest grandson was born; 5 weeks premature, struggling for every breath, but alive. Ironically, just moments before his birth, my daughter could have requested that he be aborted under the laws of my state.  All she would have had to do was to say that she was under emotional distress and couldn’t cope with her new child, and America’s abortion industry would have taken care of the rest.


My little grandson is a fighter.  He may be small at only 4 lbs. 14 oz. but he is willing to fight for his right to life.  He’s still fighting for every breath and getting stronger every day.  He will win his fight and the sky is the limit for what he will accomplish in his life.  While he is doing the hard work of growing strong and growing bigger, countless thousands of equally worthy children will be killed in their mother’s wombs for all kinds of baseless justifications and all for a fee, payable to Planned Parenthood or some other abortion mill.


Watching an innocent child, moments after birth, struggling to breathe and fighting for life is a humbling experience.  The effort he is putting forth, even as I write this, makes the everyday things that I worry about pretty inconsequential.  The hard work my grandson is doing right now strengthens my resolve to never give up on my quest to close the doors of America’s abortion mills and to insure that every unborn and newly born child gets a chance to fulfill its life’s potential.


My new grandson will be coming home soon to meet his big brother who will guide him through the joy of every new day as only a 2 year old can.  Ms. Richards, this is what life is all about; living our lives while helping others live theirs.  Fortunately, the Universal Intelligence that granted my grandson life will erase the memory of the trials he is going through now, so his first memories will be of the loving family he has been born into.


My 3 day old grandson is living proof that life is worth fighting for.  He is living, breathing proof that pre-term babies are living human beings just like you and me.  He is living, breathing proof that he was alive for nearly 8 months before his birth.  And he is living, breathing proof that every new life must be allowed to run its natural course wherever that journey may take it.


Ms. Richards, every unborn child that died in a Planned Parenthood clinic today deserved the same chance to live its life that my little fighter is fighting for right now.


In honor of my children and grandchildren, you have my solemn promise that I will not rest until the doors of every abortion mill in America are closed for the last time.

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