Letter to Wendy Davis #2

The Honorable Wendy Davis
P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711


August 17, 2013

Senator Davis:


Since you’re in the tank for the abortion industry I thought it might be good for you to know a little bit about the grisly practices that you endorse.  When a child survives a saline abortion it is horribly burned and in excruciating pain.  Instead of providing medical treatment to save the life of the innocent child, what are the standard protocols for the abortion facility?  Many place the child in a bassinet or surgical tray, and leave it unattended to die.  Sometimes it can take days for the child to die.  Another favorite of your friends in the abortion industry is to place the living child in a bucket, place a lid on the bucket, and suffocate the child.


Senator Davis, do you know what a Sopher clamp is?  A Sopher clamp is a 13” long surgical steel clamp with 2” long serrated cutting jaws at the end.   This is the tool of choice for an abortionist performing a late term abortion and is used to rip the unborn pain-capable child apart, piece by piece until all that is left of a child that was healthy and alive minutes earlier is a surgical tray full of human body parts.


Some abortionists prefer to employ the following method to kill babies.  After dilating the cervix, the living child is injected with Digoxin to stop its heart from beating.  This allows them to deliver a dead baby instead of a live one; nice and neat, very little blood, very little mess.


Like it or not, abortion mills are kind of like slaughter houses.  Most people don’t really know what goes on inside and most people don’t want to know.  If you support abortion you have to know how it’s done and what the consequences are, for both the mother and the child. Senator, if you’re so proud of your support for the abortion industry you should be equally as proud of the procedures they employ while plying their deadly trade.  When can I expect to see you describing these procedures to your supporters?

Senator Davis, you seem like an intelligent woman.  I refuse to believe that you’re not aware of the human misery and culture of death associated with the abortion industry.  I also refuse to believe that an intelligent woman, armed with the facts, can’t make an informed choice and change her position on the legal slaughter of America’s children.


Senator, many of the techniques used to kill children in America’s abortion mills originated in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.  The Holocaust pales in comparison to the 56 million children killed in America’s abortion mills since 1973.  The world looked the other way during the Holocaust of World War 2 and many Americans are doing the same during the modern Holocaust being conducted by the abortion industry.


I refuse to look the other way and I’m committed to closing the doors of every abortion clinic in America.  Senator, as the great Lee Iacocca once said: “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.”


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