Letter to Planned Parenthood #10

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave. NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005


Attn:    Cecile Richards


August 19, 2013

Ms. Richards:



This is one of those good news/bad news situations.  The good news for my family is that my little grandson who was born 5 weeks early just 9 short days ago will be going home this week.  The bad news for you; Planned Parenthood missed out on another one.  If I have my way, America’s abortion mills will be missing out on all of them soon.


I absolutely believe that most American’s are decent, moral people.  They’ve been lied to, misinformed, and convinced that abortion is a necessary evil that must be protected under our laws.  They’ve been sold a bill of goods by liberal politicians and a compliant press that abortion should be safe, rare, and legal; all this while the brutally efficient killers at Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry kill over a million innocent children every year.


Ms. Richards, perception is reality.  Many Americans still perceive abortion to be a rather innocuous procedure where no one gets hurt and the mother goes home none the worse after having her pregnancy terminated.  Having your pregnancy terminated sounds so much better than having your living baby ripped violently from your womb and discarded like yesterday’s trash doesn’t it?


While we’re talking about perception, semantics are also used with great success by America’s industry of death.  The term, Partial Birth Abortion, doesn’t even come close to describing the horror of the actual procedure.  But why would you want to describe the actual procedure where the unborn, fully viable child is turned by the abortionist while still in its mother’s womb so it can be pulled feet first from its mother?  The baby is then completely delivered except for the top half of its head.  The abortionist then inserts forceps into the base of the child’s skull, severs its spinal cord, and kills it.  Sometimes at this point in the procedure a CNS Decompression is performed to make it easier to remove the now dead body of the child from the mother’s birth canal.


Ms. Richards, the brutal methodology of a Partial Birth Abortion doesn’t sound quite as touchy-feely as its description, does it?  Incidentally, CNS Decompression sounds much better than what it actually involves; that being the suctioning of the dead baby’s brain matter from its skull.  But, from your perspective the baby’s already dead so why not collapse its skull so you can remove its body more quickly?  Heck, if you hurry you may be able to squeeze a couple more in before your 2 o’clock tee time.


Ms. Richards, I’m not a big fan of semantics or calling something what it’s not just so it sounds better; so I’ll get right to my point.  You disgust me.  Planned Parenthood disgusts me. America’s abortion industry disgusts me.  Your doors will close for the last time in my lifetime.  Any questions?


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