Letter to NARAL #5

NARAL Pro-Choice America

1156 15th Street

Suite 700

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Ilyse Hogue

May 3, 2014

 Ms. Hogue:

I continue to be amazed and dismayed by the steps NARAL and other pro-abortion organizations will go to in order to promote the killing of unborn children.  Misinformation, outright lies, and distortion of the facts are all you have to work with in your quest to justify the unjustifiable.  Your latest effort; pressuring Google to remove ads for Crisis Pregnancy Centers from its sites.  Crisis Pregnancy Centers provide counseling, medical care, and alternatives to abortion for pregnant women.  You oppose these Centers for one reason only; money.  You know that every mother they convince to allow their baby to be born is one less baby the killers you support will get to kill; for a fee, of course.

In your recent letter to me you referred to people like me as ‘anti-choice zealots.’  I think we both know that every time you use the phrase ‘anti-choice’, what you really mean is pro-life or ‘anti-killing innocent children.’  I may be a zealot, but at least I have the intellectual honesty to say what I believe without having to use code words like reproductive freedom and a woman’s right to choose.  I also refer to the killing of a baby as the killing of a baby, not a choice.

Ms. Hogue, I stand behind my beliefs, and in the end I’m prepared to accept whatever judgment may come my way as a result of what I believe and promote.  Can you honestly say the same?  Ms. Hogue, what is abortion care?  While I make no claim to being particularly intelligent, I’m having a hard time understanding how care can be associated with the act of killing an innocent child.  None of the 3,500 unborn children killed yesterday received care, unless your definition of care is a sudden, violent death.

I just returned from lunch and drove through the parking lot of my local Planned Parenthood clinic on my way home.  Thankfully, they’re closed today.  They won’t be prescribing death to my grandsons’ future friends again until Monday.  Ms. Hogue, the struggle between the pro-life movement and the abortion industry all boils down to a numbers game.  Your side sees every dead child as one more number on a ledger sheet and one more deposit of blood money to your account.  My side sees every unborn child as a priceless gift to humanity, a priceless gift worth fighting for; whatever the cost.

Ms. Hogue, on your website and in your letters and promotional literature you fail to acknowledge, even once, that the ‘choices’ you advocate for a woman’s right to make, represent the killing of tiny, living human beings.   You fail to acknowledge, even once, that abortion results in the death of a human being every time one is performed.  Your modus operandi of avoiding the truth about what you do will be your ultimate undoing.  I anxiously await that day.




One thought on “Letter to NARAL #5

  1. Reblogged this on Pro Life Pop Pop and commented:

    The fact that NARAL President, Ilyse Hogue, is in the running for Chairman of the DNC should tell you everything you need to know about the direction the Democrat Party wants to take America in. NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, is a despicable organization whose sole purpose is to make it easier for a woman to have her unborn child killed.
    In May of 2014 I wrote the following letter to Ms. Hogue, after receiving a letter from her in which she called me an “anti-choice zealot.” I’m proud to be labeled an “anti-choice zealot” by an organization that encourages a woman to choose to kill her child.
    In a way, I hope Ms. Hogue gets the job. The recent election drove the first nail in Planned Parenthood’s coffin. Having a co-conspirator of America’s abortion industry as the head of the Democrat Party will finish the job for us.

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