My Mission, My Life

I pray to God daily for His guidance in my fight to save our unborn children.  I don’t have the answers; so I ask.  All I have is a goal and a burning desire in my gut to end the practice of abortion.  Whatever He asks of me, I will do.  Whatever it takes, I will give.  Whatever the sacrifice, I willingly accept.  In every righteous war the greater good must necessarily trump the personal interests of the warriors.  I humbly accept my station in this life.  I’m prepared to toil away in anonymity for the rest of my life if my efforts will swing the pendulum, even a little, towards the side of life.

I’m no longer discouraged when my letters go unanswered.  I know that someone on the receiving end opens and reads them.  Whether I change the addressee’s mind or that of the person opening the mail, is of no concern to me.  I have faith that my letters will end up in the hands of the persons they will have the most impact on.  I am encouraged when organizations like my local Planned Parenthood clinic begin to refuse delivery of my letters. That lets me know that I’ve gotten into their heads and I’m making them think about what they do for a living.  It lets me know that they are uncomfortable with the truth and that one of my letters, before they stopped accepting them, struck a chord.

I continue to be amazed at how random conversations, something as simple as a billboard on the side of the road, or a chance meeting provides me with my inspiration for that day’s letter or post.  Many nights I’m not sure who I’m going to write to or what I’m going to write about, so I start typing and the words just pour out.  I don’t question this any more.  I just accept it.  Some days I wake up with a single word or series of words on my mind. That word or series of words seems to bounce around in my head all day and by day’s end I have a rough draft of my letter or post finished before I even start to type.

I hope to live long enough to see a world that no longer considers its unborn children to be disposable annoyances.  Glimmers of hope abound, with new legislation being proposed throughout America, placing restrictions or outright bans on abortion.  While changing our laws and repealing Roe v Wade are important, they don’t address the systemic problem that led us to where we are as a society.  Until we return to our founding values; the sanctity of every human being’s Right to life, and faith in a higher power, the lives of every unborn child will remain at risk.

I take comfort in the knowledge that most Americans oppose abortion once they become aware of the means, methods, and numbers associated with the abortion industry and crimes against humanity they commit on a daily basis.  My resolve to continue my fight is strengthened every time I receive positive feedback on one of my pieces, but will never be weakened even if my work is never acknowledged. I know that fighting to end abortion is what I am here at this time and at this place to do.  The freedom I feel from not wanting anything for myself for my efforts to end abortion is liberating beyond all description.  I know that I am a warrior for a just cause and nothing will ever divert me from the course I have chosen.