Letter to President Obama #84

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

June 24, 2014

 Mr. President:

In true Saul Alinsky fashion, your administration is overloading the ‘system.’  When one crisis begins to get traction, another pops up, and as the left leaning media plays wackamole with all of them, nothing ultimately gets done.  That’s the progressive game plan and you’re executing it flawlessly.  Your agenda: collapse the economy, collapse the healthcare system, dishonor our veterans, swing the gates open at our borders, bow to our enemies, betray our allies, and allow our unborn children to be legally killed.

Mr. President, your latest manufactured crisis is at our southern border.  Unaccompanied children are streaming across the border from Central America and, true to form; you claim you never saw it coming.  One has to wonder, if you never saw it coming why did your administration advertise on January 29 of this year for transportation venders to transport 65,000 children from the border to various Office of Refuge Affairs Centers?  The truth is your administration put the word out in Central America that if children could make it across the border, they could stay in America.  The drug cartels are stepping in and charging thousands of dollars each to get these children to our border.

Why are you doing it?  Who knows?  Maybe you’re trying to develop a future voting base.  Most likely you want to use them as the anchor to draw their families here so you can get an immediate boost in Democrat voters.  Whatever your motivation is, you are needlessly putting thousands of children at risk, enriching the drug cartels, and assisting in the violation of our Sovereignty.

Mr. President, I not only have zero tolerance for killing our unborn children; I also have zero tolerance for putting innocent children in harm’s way just to serve a political agenda.  We have enough problems already, thanks to you.  We don’t need to import more.

As I’ve written on numerous occasions, most of the damage you’ve done can be undone once you are shown the door.  Unfortunately, undoing a manufactured humanitarian crisis could take a generation.   Mr. President, as a pro-life blogger, most of my letters to you and those of your ilk are written as part of my advocacy for the pro-life movement.  On occasions like this I sometimes feel the need to step back and point out the bone-headed stupidity of your increasingly radical tenure as our President.

I’ll be back on the job tomorrow fighting for every innocent life that you’ve made a conscious choice to ignore. Sir, life is the most powerful yet fragile force in the Universe, and I will fight until my dying breath to insure that every new life gets its opportunity to change the world.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.


cc:  Planned Parenthood