Letter to Salisbury Planned Parenthood #8

Planned Parenthood

1506 South Salisbury Blvd.

Court Plaza Shopping Center

Salisbury, Md.  21801

July 18, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

By the looks of your full parking lot, business was good today at the Salisbury, Md. Planned Parenthood office.  Unfortunately, when business is good for you, babies are dying.  Just outside your doors life goes on, while tiny lives are ending just a few feet away.  Today was a beautiful, sunny day in Salisbury, Md.  The innocent children you killed today will never have the experience of enjoying such a day.

Your main office is fighting hard against laws that place restrictions or bans on killing children for money.  After all, if Planned Parenthood can’t kill kids, they’re out of business.  Think about that.  The only way your employer can stay in business is by killing innocent children for money.  The only way you can get paid is by being complicit in their crimes against humanity.  Like it or not, your income is nothing more than blood money; blood money earned from the suffering and death of children just trying to be born.

Taking a human life for nothing other than money is an abomination by any rational standard of human behavior and morality.  Allowing this practice to continue and choosing to do nothing to stop it is equally abominable.  Standing idly by as millions of children are killed every year is something I will never do.  Far too many of my fellow Americans feel that if it doesn’t affect their lives it’s none of their business.

Every child killed today by Planned Parenthood and its colleagues in the abortion industry had a mother and a father.  Every child killed today was granted its animating spark of life by the same One who granted each of us the same gift.  He granted each of them the gift of life for reasons none of us can fully comprehend.  He alone knows the reason, and that’s good enough for me.  Faith in a higher power breeds clarity of thought.  That clarity tells me that every child must be loved and protected from the moment of conception.

Killing children as a matter of convenience is not logical.  Killing children as a matter of convenience is morally reprehensible.  Killing children as a matter of convenience goes against our Creator’s wishes that every life He creates be allowed to grow and flourish.  As a society, we allow the killing to continue at our own peril.  As individuals, we allow the killing to continue and do nothing to stop it at our own peril.

Whether I succeed or fail at this endeavor is out of my hands.  Whether I continue to fight is.  As long as I am breathing or until the killing stops, I will fight on.

All my letters are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.



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