July 22, 2014

Last summer Planned Parenthood rolled out their new slogan: “Care. No matter what.’  There was no way I was going to let something as outrageous as the world’s largest baby killer trying to get away with a slogan that even mentioned the word care.  Nothing Planned Parenthood stands for is even remotely related to care. Their lot in life is killing babies for money.

When I wrote this letter I wanted to remind Cecile Richards that nobody is born wanting to kill babies.  Killing your fellow human beings is unnatural and against every moral precept of accepted human behavior.  Accusing anyone who tries to stop the killing of waging a war on women is their ‘go to’ line, even though they are waging the real war as they kill millions of baby girls.

The following letter was signed, sealed, and stamped last July 31, and was sent on its way to one of the most evil organizations in the world.




Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave. NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Cecile Richards

 July 31, 2013

Ms. Richards:

Immediately after conception a new life’s DNA is encoded by a universal intelligence that most of us, in one form or another, call God.  Before a child draws its first breath this universal intelligence will have programmed into its DNA what color its hair and eyes will be, how tall it will be, its predisposition to certain illnesses, and even how fast its fingernails will grow.

However, nature leaves it up to us to teach our children to respect life and to protect it at all costs.  No one is conceived with their DNA preprogrammed to make them an abortionist, a mass murderer, or a saint.  These lifestyles and behaviors are learned and chosen, not predetermined; and that’s the double-edged sword of free will.

Ms. Richards, I’m pretty sure you didn’t decide as a little girl that you wanted to grow up to run an organization that would kill millions of innocent children.  You apparently made a conscious decision to hang out with liberal eugenicists and the ‘holier than thou’ crowd who, with their Right to life firmly intact, felt it was incumbent upon them to decide who got to live and who had to die.  While you and your friends in the abortion industry profess to be providing a needed service and protecting the rights of women, all you’re really doing is killing babies for money.

The dirty little secret is that over half the babies Planned Parenthood kills are girls.  So, unless your idea of protecting the rights of women involves killing them before they can be born, I believe you may need to rethink your mission statement.  While you’re rethinking your mission statement you may want to take another swing at your new slogan: “Care. No matter what.”  And while you’re at it you probably need to fire your marketing consultant too.

May I suggest you try truth in advertising?  How about “Kill. No matter when.”  I must admit that for an organization that kills hundreds of thousands of children every year, using a slogan like “Care. No matter what.” is a ballsy move, although according to Roget’s Thesaurus, care is not a synonym for kill.  You are, however spot on with “No matter what.”  Planned Parenthood is willing to kill as many babies as possible, no matter what the majority of Americans want, no matter what suffering you inflict upon millions of children, and no matter what it takes to increase your bottom line.

Ms. Richards, no child that is allowed to be born will grow up wanting to kill children for a living.  There is no justification for what you and Planned Parenthood do, and you will ultimately be held accountable for your actions.  I honestly believe that you know this somewhere deep inside.  Look into your heart and decide that you will care; no matter what.



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