Letter to Salisbury Planned Parenthood #10

Planned Parenthood

1506 South Salisbury Blvd.

Court Plaza Shopping Center

Salisbury, Md.  21801

August 10, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

Today is my youngest grandson’s first birthday.  One year ago today he arrived 5 weeks early.  He spent his first 11 days after birth in a NICU unit until he was strong enough to go home.  Although he is officially 1 year old today, he has been a living human being for nearly 8 months more.  Since he was born, over a million of his peers have been killed by Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion mills.  Had he remained inside my daughter’s womb for the remaining 5 weeks he was supposed to, he could have been legally killed at any time under our laws, right up to the moment of his birth.

Living human beings do not become living human beings at the moment of their birth.  They are not blobs of flesh that magically become human when they are born.  Planned Parenthood would have you believe that an abortion removes anything but a living human being from its mother’s body.  They refuse to acknowledge that if it has a heartbeat and is growing, it’s alive.  They can’t seem to explain why they need to kill something that they try to make us think is not alive in the first place.

I watched my grandson’s heart beat just weeks after he was conceived.  A few months later I watched as he moved his arms and legs and was unmistakably human in every way.  I watched as he struggled to breathe shortly after being born 5 weeks early and I was awestruck by his will to live and the fact that he never took a step backwards as he fought to become strong enough to go home.  A year later he is about to walk unassisted and has already developed his universally unique personality.

The thousands of children your industry will kill tomorrow earned their Right to life.  The race to become the one sperm out of billions to fertilize the egg before it attaches to the uterus as a living human being is the first battle fought by every human.  Every new life is already a winner before it develops to the point of its birth.  Every new life was granted the gift of life for reasons neither you nor I can explain.  Most civilized humans respect the Right to life we were all fortunate enough to receive.  The likes of abortion providers and terrorist organizations feel that it is up to them to decide who gets to live and who must die.

Terrorist organizations, as vile and reprehensible as they are, at least have a stated goal, even if it is the insane musings of a bunch of lunatics.  Planned Parenthood and the world’s abortion providers kill children for one reason only; money.   So, from where I’m standing Planned Parenthood is no better than a terrorist organization; a terrorist organization protected by the rule of law and funded by the greatest country on earth.  Should you care to rebut my assertion, feel free to do so.

All my letters are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.







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