Priorities #3

As I worked in my office last Saturday, knowing that pressing matters would require me to work all day Sunday as well, I wondered if it was all worth it.  The material world is becoming less important to me by the day.  My thoughts are consumed by the pain and suffering our unborn children endure on a daily basis.  I acknowledge the commitments I have made to the company that compensates me quite well, while I’m drawn to work full time to end abortion and protect the world’s children.

At times I feel trapped by the societal norms where you go to work every day, pay your mortgage, save for retirement, and, above all else, don’t make waves.  I want to make waves.  I want to leave the world better than it was before I got here.  I want to make those who accept the murder of over 1 million unborn American children every year uncomfortable in their complacency.  I’m convinced that most of society, living comfortably in their ignorance, and totally unaware of the magnitude of the slaughter that goes on every day in America’s abortion mills, would speak out and move to end the killing if they only knew.

Many things in life are more important than a steady paycheck and a big house.  I would give it all up tomorrow if it would save just one child.  Working to change minds and save lives is what I want to do.   I yearn for a world that no longer allows its unborn children to be killed as a matter of convenience, and I want to play a part in the transformation.  In honor of my 2 beloved grandsons, I pledge to be a thorn in the side of Planned Parenthood and all those who support their mission.   I will keep up the fight until we stop allowing our children to be killed or until I no longer can fight.

As we age and begin to gain wisdom, our priorities change.  We begin to think about our legacy and what we can do to serve our fellow man.  Many of us find ourselves at a crossroads, torn between doing what we’ve always done, and doing what we really want to do.  That’s where I am.  During the fleeting moments that I find myself with nothing to do, I picture what my life would be like if I was able to work full-time on behalf of the world’s children.  I imagine myself working even more hours than I work now, but loving what I do and looking forward to every new workday.  I can see a world that once again embraces the sanctity of every human life; and I want my grandsons to grow up in it.

The world needs to get its priorities straight; and so do we as individuals.  In spite of all the worldly temptations and distractions we all are exposed to, most of us know deep inside what is truly important.  Our happiness and sense of purpose become clear when when we look into the eyes of a child and know that we are in the presence of a miracle.

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