There is much hoopla in America right now over 2 pounds of air pressure in less than a dozen footballs.  If it’s proven that the Patriots intentionally altered these footballs in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage, they cheated. Based on their past history, I’m thinking it was intentional.  The irony is, the Patriots are good enough to win without cheating.  I’m not a Patriots fan, but I admire their athletic abilities.  While I admire their prowess on the football field, I have no respect for them as an organization.  Unfortunately, they seem to have bought into a win at all costs mentality.  It seems they don’t understand that by sacrificing your honesty and integrity in order to win; you ultimately lose everything.

Football is only a game, and in the big scheme of things, I have very little interest in what a bunch of highly paid men, frozen in adolescence, are willing to do for a trophy and a couple lines in a record book.  I am concerned, however, that the instant gratification attitude of many role models, such as professional athletes, is endemic in our society.  Honesty is seen by far too many as not worth the effort.  While most of us are concerned about one another, we tend to put our own interests above the greater good.

As a pro-life advocate, I’m forced to look into the belly of the beast on a daily basis.  I watch as Planned Parenthood lies and opposes legislation designed to save innocent children, all in their efforts to remain the world’s largest killer of unborn babies.  I drive by my local Planned Parenthood office and feel that I’m in the presence of pure evil.  Occasionally though, even Planned Parenthood is forced to be honest.  In their latest Annual Report for 2013-2014 they’re forced to reveal the ugly truth about what they do and what they get for it.  Planned Parenthood’s most recent Annual report shows that they killed 327,653 children last year and received over $528 million from the U.S. taxpayers.  You have to dig deep to find the real numbers, but they’re in there.

Every year, in their continuing efforts to appear to be anything but what they really are, Planned Parenthood awards some hapless public figure the Margaret Sanger Award, in the name of their racist, eugenicist founder.  Recent recipients include Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton, upon receiving the award, said she admired Margaret Sanger’s vision.  Margaret Sanger’s vision was to exterminate the black race, to whom she referred as “human weeds.”  If Planned Parenthood was honest, they would publicly embrace the vision of their founder.  Since they’re anything but honest, they decided to branch out and kill any child of any race, as long as they get paid.

Planned Parenthood is a lot like the New England Patriots.  They’ll do anything to make themselves look good.  They’ll lie and cheat to achieve their mission, and they’ll only be honest about what they do when they are forced to do so.  To many, they both appear to be on top of their game right now.  They’ll both learn soon enough that lying and cheating will get you everything that you don’t want.