Thoughts at Age 61 + 8 Days

Some nights I sit down at my computer and have no idea what I’ll write about in my quest to end abortion.  This is one of those nights.  When I’m at a loss for words I think about my 2 grandsons and the series of miracles that brought them into my life.  I remember the final embrace on Sunday night as I secured my oldest grandson into his car seat and my feelings as I walked to my front door, missing him and his little brother before they had even left my driveway.  I treasure the time I spend with my grandsons and grieve for those who will never feel the unconditional love and trust of a child of their child.

Every child; every human being is a universally unique miracle from the moment of conception.  As a child I depended entirely upon others for my very survival, just like every other human being.  As an adult I feel morally obligated to return the favor.  Until a few years ago I was happy to just live my life and deal with my own problems.  While I objected to abortion, I relegated it to the back of my mind as I dealt with what I thought were more immediate concerns.  While I’m far from being a paragon of morality and all that’s good, I felt an unmistakable call, just before the birth of my first grandson, to fight for every unborn child’s right to life.  With the call came the haunting visions I see daily of innocent children being killed under the guise of a woman’s right to choose.

My fight for every child’s right to life is a fight that must be won.  If I can play a part in ending the practice of abortion, good.  If I can inspire someone else to do more than I’m capable of, even better.  Every child has the same right to life as my grandsons and every child deserves the same protections as any other child.  As human beings, we instinctively know the difference between right and wrong.  We know that killing another human being is wrong and while many of us look the other way when it comes to abortion, somewhere deep inside, we all know it’s wrong.

At a little over a week into my 61st year, I’m optimistic.  I look into the eyes of my grandsons and see a world that no longer kills its children.  I see the unlimited potential that’s present in every child and every human being.  In my conversations with young people and anyone else patient enough to listen to me, I feel a willingness from them to change their stance on abortion once they know the truth.  At this stage of my life I’m convinced that if we depend on politicians to bring an end to abortion, it will never end.  It’s up to every one of us who believes in the sanctity of every human life to change the world.  A world that welcomes every new life is within reach. I can feel it.