The worst SOS in our history

In a brazenly brutal use of force, our State Department has launched an all out offensive against ISIS; on Twitter.  Yes, the country with the most lethal military on earth has decided that hashtags are our weapon of choice to defeat a cadre of bloodthirsty terrorists bent on establishing a worldwide caliphate.  While ISIS is chopping off heads and torturing children, we’re shutting down their Twitter accounts.  I’m expecting the unconditional surrender of ISIS any day now.  Can anyone say #Naive Idiots?

We’ve turned the keys to the world’s only remaining superpower over to a bunch of amateurs. These amateurs allow thousands of our own children to be killed every day in our abortion mills, but when it comes to giving the terrorists a dose of their own medicine, our leaders are suffering from acute testicular atrophy.  I’m convinced that the world is embroiled in an epic battle of good against evil.  Evil is placing no limits on what they won’t do to impose their will.  If the good guys aren’t equally committed to prevailing over evil, it’s not hard to see what the outcome will be.

When we fail to protect our children and soft peddle our response to unspeakable acts of terrorism, we project weakness, and evil feeds on weakness.  For over 40 years now, our nations’s abortion industry has taken advantage of our leaders’ lack of interest in standing up to a culture of death.  Make no mistake; the terrorists see how fleeting our resolve can be, and are emboldened by our tepid response to their barbarity.  When they behead Americans and see our President beat a hasty retreat to the golf course, they see victory.

The signs of genocide are everywhere in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.  The Middle East is on fire and most of the world remains silent. The world saw all the same signs 70 years ago as Nazi Germany exterminated over 6 million Jews.  Everyone knew what was happening but no one wanted to be the first one to take action.  This time, with social media and instant information, the whole world can see the carnage.  The enemy tells us what they are going to do and then shows us that they are doing it.  Our response is to tell them what we won’t do to defeat them and to give them our timetable for doing so.

While I’m not a military expert, I’m reasonably certain that we can’t defeat ISIS by out-Tweeting them.  Political correctness and “measured responses” to terrorism will get us nothing.  We have the capability to rid the world of ISIS in short order.  Without being hamstrung with absurd rules of engagement and limitations on the use of force, our military heroes can get this done.   All we need is the political will to make it happen.  This is a fight that we can’t avoid.  We can do it now or do it later, but we have to understand that the threat will not go away on its own.  As a backstop, if all else fails, we can trot out James Taylor again and have him serenade Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with “You’ve Got a Friend.”  That should do it.  #TakeThat.

More of the Same

capitol3I had big hopes this year when the Republican controlled House and Senate were seated..  Both chambers had promised to move quickly on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and both have failed miserably.  If they ever get around to passing this bill it will be vetoed by President Obama.  His veto will spark a much needed debate and raise awareness of the brutality of our nation’s abortion industry.  I believe this debate will eventually result in the passage of this life-saving bill.

While our elected officials play politics and cook up backroom deals, children are dying by the thousands.  I was optimistic that this year it would be different.  Now I see that I was duped again into believing that some politicians would actually do what they said they would do if I would just vote for them.  Both the House and Senate have pro-life majorities.  They can save lives and pass legislation to make it harder to have your child killed in America, but they would have us believe that they have more important things to do.  On a national level, it is just as easy today to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and have your unborn child killed as it was before last November’s elections.  From my perspective, our country is being run by elected leaders who fail to see or choose to ignore the wishes of their constituents.  We can and must do better.

It makes no difference to the thousands of unborn children who will die in America’s abortion mills tomorrow, whether the person killing them is a Republican or Democrat; they will still die.  Unlike you and me, they can’t decide what course their life will follow.  They can’t protest their own killing, and are powerless to defend themselves.  Every unborn child must depend entirely upon the good will and kindness of others for their very survival.  As a society, we have failed the ones who need us the most.  We’ve made it legal to kill them for any reason, at any time, right up to the moment of their birth.  We even send evil empires, like Planned Parenthood, hundreds of millions of dollars every year so they can kill even more children.

We get the leaders we deserve, and the consequences of our actions against our unborn children have placed us in the position we are now in.  We could end the killing tomorrow, but we don’t have the will to accept the undeniable truth that every new life has the absolute right to simply live.  We take it upon ourselves to decide which child should live and which should die, all the while doing everything we can to preserve our own lives.  We look forward to all of our tomorrows, and deny thousands of children one more tomorrow every day.

Our elected leaders will not lead unless they are lead by us.  They will only take action if it leads to them keeping their jobs.  We have a moral obligation to do right by the weakest among us.  We must demand that our elected leaders do our bidding.  We must hold them to the highest standards and we must individually do the same.  Our children deserve no less.

Letter to Planned Parenthood #56

plannedparenthood64Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave.  NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Cecile Richards

 February 24, 2015

 Ms. Richards:

The thousands of children your industry killed today were given the gift of life for a reason.  They were never meant to be killed just as their lives were beginning.  Just like you and me, they were granted the gift of life so they could exercise their free will and make their universally unique impressions on the world.  When we kill our children we put into motion forces and events that affect the world in ways that none of us can foretell.  When we fail to protect the most vulnerable among us we collectively diminish our humanity and allow evil to gain a foothold.

Ms. Richards, your organization, Planned Parenthood, is the leading cause of death for children in America; but you already know this.  Over the past 80 years you’ve killed millions of children for nothing more than the blood money you could get for killing them.  While you claim to be protecting a woman’s right to choose, you actively promote the elective killing of unborn children from conception to the moment of their birth.  The evil of abortion will be looked upon by future historians as one of the greatest human tragedies of all time.  My goal is nothing short of the outright end of abortion in my lifetime.  Then, the historians can begin to tally the numbers and gauge the magnitude of the disaster you and your colleagues have inflicted upon the children of the world.

I try to comprehend the mindset of an organization like yours that awards bonuses to its affiliates who exceed their goal of dead children for the year.  I struggle to understand how someone can work all day in one of your abortion facilities, killing innocent children, and then go home to their own children.  I find it ironic that everyone working to make it easier to have your unborn child killed was allowed to be born themselves.  I’m saddened beyond measure to know that as I write this, your assembly line of death is churning out the bodies of hundreds of dead children.

Ms. Richards, I lie awake at night wondering how I can stop you from doing what you do.  While I’m not so naïve as to believe that this letter will ever reach your desk, I’m hopeful that someone in your office will read it and begin to think about what they do for a living.  I want you to know that I have dedicated the rest of my life, if need be, to shutting you down.  I want nothing for my efforts and the only thing you can do to make me stop is for you to stop killing children.  It’s your move.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.







4 Years Later

Last week we celebrated my oldest grandson’s 4th birthday.  I find it miraculous that a little over 4 years ago he didn’t exist, and now I can’t imagine life without him.  That’s what life is; a miracle.  Out of nothingness comes a new life, and the world changes every time another heart begins to beat.  I’m fascinated by the animating life force that makes our hearts beat, allows virtually every cell in our bodies to die and be replaced every few months, and even makes our hair turn gray; all with no conscious effort on our part.  I’m intrigued that this life force can’t be created by man even though we can destroy it.

I accept the gift of life I was given as an opportunity to use my time on earth to find my purpose and to exercise my free will to pursue it.  My children and grandsons remind me that nothing is more important than working to save lives and protecting the weakest among us.  When I look into my grandsons’ eyes I see a little bit of me and a little bit of every other child that ever has and ever will be born.  When I look into their eyes I see that every child is universally unique and equally as priceless as any other.

By law, both of my grandsons could have been aborted right up to the moment of their birth.  As a matter of principle and in answer to the call I feel in my heart, I will work until I no longer can to end abortion and to protect the right to life that every unborn child was given by God.  I do so in honor of my grandsons and to insure that millions of their contemporaries are afforded the same right to life we all enjoy.  I know I was lucky to have been born in America, and I know that living in America carries with it the obligation to help others.

American exceptionalism made us the greatest country on earth.  Under our current leadership we are being told there is nothing special about being an American and that we should feel guilty for being free and prosperous.  Our leaders tell us we should be able to kill our unborn children for any reason, with no consequences.  They insult our intelligence by telling us that we can defeat terrorism by getting the terrorists jobs.  The President laments the fact that a criminal was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri while assaulting a police officer, but has nothing to say about the thousands of unborn children that are killed every day in our nation’s abortion mills.

4 years after the birth of my first grandson I’m a different man.  The money and possessions, that I once thought were important, no longer have meaning to me.  I would give it all up to save one child’s life.  I accept that in the great scheme of things, I’m not important, but I also know that I can change the world if I truly believe that I can.  I believe I can, and won’t stop until I do.

Letter to President Obama #102

Barack ObamaThe White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 February 22, 2015

 Mr. President:

Radical Islamists are threatening to launch attacks on America’s shopping malls and, as you’ve done throughout your political career, you’re voting present. You abandoned the most vulnerable among us, our unborn children, years ago, and now you’re content to just play golf and attend fundraisers as the world implodes around us. You ignore our allies’ requests for military assistance in the war against ISIS, yet you have time to meet with clowns like Al Sharpton and seek his advice on race relations.

Mr. President, the over half a billion dollars you will send to Planned Parenthood this year would go a long way towards wiping out terrorism.  Apparently, you would rather see it spent wiping out the lives of over 1 million unborn American children.  Sir, if you spent a fraction of the effort you expend trying to make it easier to have your unborn child killed in America, on ridding the world of radical Islamic terrorism, the world would be a safer place.  And if you actually had the courage to call radical Islamic terrorism out by name; it would be a good starting point.

Tomorrow over 3,000 unborn children will be killed in America; about the same as the number of Americans killed by radical Islamic terrorists on 9/11.  Way back then, you were implying that we had it coming and got what we deserved.  And way back then, you had already voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  A leader who focuses on allowing the children under his leadership to be killed is no leader at all.

While you dawdle, ISIS is raping, murdering, and pillaging its way across the Middle East.  Make no mistake; America, the great Satan in their eyes, is their ultimate target.  As they work their way towards America they are killing thousands of innocent children.  And as you do very little to stop them, our country is killing thousands of our own children every day.

Mr. President, there’s not much I can do against ISIS, other than fight them until my last breath if they make it to America, but I can fight for our unborn children.  I can and will do everything in my power to change the hearts and minds of you and your friends in the pro-abortion crowd.  I wake up every day to the nightmare of the country I love allowing its children to be butchered.  My resolve is stronger daily to put an end to the practice of abortion.

Mr. President, unlike you, I’m not afraid to call my enemies by name.  They are Planned Parenthood and all their colleagues in America’s abortion industry.  My goal is nothing less than total victory.  Maybe yours should be the same.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc:  Planned Parenthood




Planned Parenthood and its ilk promote what they call “safe abortions.”  They rely on our ignorance and gullibility when they try to convince us that a procedure specifically designed to kill a human being is safe.   They know that practicing truth in advertising would be a much tougher sell if they called the service they provide “brutally murdering your unborn child for money”.  The abortion industry is very good at what they do.  They should be.  They’ve had nearly 60 million opportunities to practice.

The abortion industry survives on contradictions, deception, and lies.  They accuse the pro-life side of waging a war on women because we don’t believe a woman has the right to choose to have her child killed.  They say we’re waging a war on women when over half the babies they kill are little girls.  Planned Parenthood’s motto is “Care, No Matter What”, when all they really care about is how many babies they can kill and how much money they can make doing it. The abortion industry operates on a foundation of moral bankruptcy while claiming the moral high ground in women’s health care.

Even though science has conclusively proven that life begins at conception, Planned Parenthood would have you believe that the tiny humans they kill are anything but human and anything but alive.  To most of us, life is priceless. To Planned Parenthood, a life is only worth the price they can get for ending it.  They’re willing to resort to anything to make it easier to have your unborn child killed, and have a long history of lying, cheating, and breaking the law to carry on the mission of their racist, eugenicist founder.  As the darling of the far left, Planned Parenthood is held up as the model of social responsibility and the accepted solution when a woman wants to make that little problem just go away.

Planned Parenthood operates as a non-profit organization while making billions from the suffering and death of innocent children, all while receiving over half a billion dollars every year from the U.S. taxpayers.  They fight for legislation that favors their industry of death and smear anyone working to save their innocent victims.  They publish fancy brochures filled with smiling faces and promises of confidential reproductive health services.  What you won’t see are pictures of the blood and the babies they kill daily at a clip of about one every minute and a half.  Planned Parenthood promises quality care while preying on vulnerable young women.  They’ll provide what they call “abortion care” to girls under age 18 with a school ID or current class schedule as proof of age.

Even though abortion is the cash cow of Planned Parenthood, it’s hardly ever mentioned in their literature.  It seems that even though they are the leading cause of death for unborn children in America, they choose to promote themselves as a health care provider.  When you kill human beings for money you can call it anything you want; the end result remains the same.  The world is full of contradictions and obvious truths.  You can choose to live in the truth or bury your head in the sand of contradictions.




I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago.  When I accepted my mission to end abortion I began to reflect on my life and what had led me to realize my calling.  Ever since I can remember I’ve been able to visualize vivid images of just about anything I’ve read or anything that was described to me.  I don’t claim that this is a gift or that this ability makes me special in any way, or more perceptive than anyone else.  What this ability has done is allow me to see the horror and brutality of abortion and to steel my resolve to do everything in my power to end it.

Virtually every day something occurs in my life to reinforce my decision to spend the rest of my life in defense of every child’s right to life.  A couple days ago, a chance meeting with a business associate who also happens to be a pastor, led to an enlightening conversation on the privilege of being able to serve others.  He recounted how a series of seemingly unconnected events led to him becoming a pastor and called him to serve those that many consider to be society’s throwaways, the inmates in our jails and prisons.  I described for him the haunting visions I have and the burning desire in my heart to protect children.  I asked him if what I feel is a calling and he gave the answer I needed at just the right time.

Minutes before this meeting I had driven past my local Planned Parenthood clinic and was disturbed to see the full parking lot in front of it.  I walked into my office wondering if anything I do will ever play a part in ending the practice of abortion, and in walks a man of God with all the answers I needed right when I needed them.  Things like this, that I used to call coincidences, seem to be occurring on a more frequent basis in my life.  I take them as signs that I should keep doing what I’m doing, and since I have no way to measure the results of what I do, I’m happy to receive any signs of encouragement I can.

For the past several years I’ve driven past pro-life billboards, experienced pop-up adds on my computer from Planned Parenthood, and had countless conversations with people on both sides of the abortion debate.  Looking back, I can see that none of these experiences were random events and that all of them were exquisitely timed to enter my life at the exact time I needed them.  These experiences have convinced me that we are all connected at a level that I don’t claim to understand.

Just like my life nor any other life was created by random chance, our individual journeys are given all the guideposts we need to serve our fellow man and to leave our unique impression on the world.  All we have to do is find our purpose and follow the signs.

Degrees of Outrage #10

It’s winter and the news networks are running around with their hair on fire reporting that it’s snowing.  Days after the Grammys millions of people have finally realized that Kanye West is an idiot.  Our President is calling climate change a bigger threat than ISIS.  I look around and wonder if anyone is still sane; knowing that I can’t be counted as one of the sane ones.  It seems that just about everybody is mad about something but very few of us are willing to do anything about it.

In my country,where over 3,000 innocent children are murdered every day under the socialist Utopian myth of a woman’s right to choose to have her baby killed, most of my fellow Americans live their lives oblivious to the slaughter.  Most of them know that the abortion industry is big business in America, but choose to do nothing to protect unborn children.  They can tell you how many inches of snow will be falling in Boston tomorrow and they know exactly what Kanye West said after the Grammys, but ask them what their opinion is on the legal killing of innocent children, and most of them have none.

Imagine ISIS beheading another human being every 26 seconds. That’s over a million human beings having their lives violently cut short every year.  The entire world would be mobilized against them.  Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry kills that many innocent children every year, and in the process receives over half a billion dollars from the U.S. taxpayers.  Liberal politicians and parasitic organizations like NARAL and the NAF fight to make it easier to kill your child, and far too many of us aren’t interested.  Many of us choose to look the other way in the face of evil, in the hope that someone else will do what has to be done.

We’re happy to feign outrage over Kanye’s latest show of cranial rectal insertion, but when it comes to standing up for a righteous cause, count most of us out.  We’ve come to expect no consequences for our actions, while failing to recognize the consequences of our inaction.  We see our individual wants and needs as more important than saving the life of someone we don’t know.  As a society we’ve fallen into the mentality of me, me, me.  If it doesn’t affect me, it’s not important.  I contend that all of us are affected by every innocent life that is cut short.

When it comes right down to it, all we have is each other as we spin around a mediocre star on a tiny blue planet in the midst of an endless universe.  We have a moral obligation to protect one another and to look out for the weakest among us.  At one point, we were all unborn children.  We were allowed to be born and were never guaranteed happiness and success; but we were given our chance.  In a world where there is far too much anger, we need to look at the big picture.  If we feel we have to be mad about something, let’s channel our anger into good works and work to make the tiny planet earth a better place for everyone.


Letter to President Obama #101

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 February 8, 2015

Mr. President:

 At last week’s National Prayer Breakfast you tried to strike a moral equivalency between radical Islam and Christianity.  I’m not surprised.  You have a long history of saying the wrong things at just the right time.  As I write this, ISIS is raping and murdering children, beheading Muslims and Christians, and committing unspeakable acts of barbarism in the name of Islam, and you don’t have the courage to call them radical Islamists.

What should we expect from a President who classified the terrorist attack on Fort Hood as workplace violence?  How do we look to our President as the voice of moral clarity when you uttered the words “God bless Planned Parenthood?”  Mr. President, as the titular leader of the free world, in theory, the world should be able to look to you as the voice of reason when the sky is falling.  Instead, tiny countries like Jordan are carrying the fight to ISIS while you stonewall them as they beg you for basic material assistance.

As a military veteran, I’m profoundly embarrassed that the Commander in Chief of the world’s greatest military happens to be you.  As a man who respects honor and integrity, I worry about the future of an America that’s lead by a man who possesses neither of these attributes.  America is better than you and your fellow leftists will let her be.  I’m confident we will return to greatness in spite of your best efforts to bring us down.

Most of my letters to you are written because of your role as the most abortion-friendly President in history.  The true test of a leader is how he treats those with no power to oppose him.  Your record of not only supporting abortion, but actively promoting it shows what kind of leader you are.  Since your days as an Illinois State Senator you’ve been firmly in the corner of the pro-abortion side.  Your multiple votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, a bill designed to provide life-saving treatment to children who survived botched abortions, show just how radical your pro-abortion views are.

Mr. President, you are on record as stating you will veto the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act if it makes it to your desk.  Please explain to me, the American public, and every unborn child in America why you feel it should be legal to dismember pain-capable babies while they are killed by the thousands.   While you’re at it, as a constitutional scholar, please point out the section of the constitution that affirms a woman’s “core constitutional right” to have her unborn child killed.  These are your words so I’m sure you’ve dog-eared the passage in your pocket constitution to back them up.

Mr. President, the world’s on fire and you’re yukking it up with Utube celebrities and brewing beer in the White House.  Get a grip and while you’re at it, get a backbone.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.


cc:  Planned Parenthood


Life and Consequences

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve fallen into a fitness routine that I rarely break.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are weight training, and Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are cardio.  Since the birth of my 2 grandsons I’ve redoubled my efforts to stay fit.  My motives are simple.  I want to be around as long as possible for my children and grandsons.  I’m determined to not be the father and grandfather that everyone watches as I slowly decline from vital and energetic to withered and feeble.  Maybe my methods will work; maybe not.  That’s what life is all about.  You do the best you can and try to keep into perspective that each of our lifetimes are nothing more than brief flashes of light in our eternal existence.

Our brief lifetimes define our individual eternities.  Our actions and inaction not only affect our lives and our eternity, but those of countless others.  We make choices to allow millions of unborn children to be killed, just as their lives are beginning, and by doing so deny the world and every life in it the opportunity to experience the unique gifts every life can bring.  We allow our unborn children to be killed, and in the process, doom every worker in the industry that kills them to an eternity that none of us strive for.  They make the choice to do what they do for a living, but we create the circumstances for them to do it.

As much as most of us would like to deny any culpability in the elective killing of millions of unborn children  throughout the world, we all are responsible at some level.  I’m adamantly pro-life, but some of my tax dollars, albeit against my will, are funneled to Planned Parenthood every year.  I try to avoid patronizing businesses that contribute to Planned Parenthood, but I know some of the contributors slip through the cracks and get some of my money.  I advocate for the pro-life movement but I know I could do more if I dedicated all of my time to the cause.

Every unborn child deserves its individual chance to fully express the brief flash of light we call life.  The evil of abortion exists only because we allow it to do so.  Those of us who see evil and do nothing to stop it are offering our tacit endorsement of it.  Those of us who see evil and take action, but don’t do enough, need to do more.  We have a moral obligation to change the hearts and minds of those who support and promote abortion.  We are honor bound to protect every unborn child; to fight for the lives of those who have no voice.

As human beings we are all inextricably connected.  One action, good or bad, by one out of billions of human beings can affect us all.  Life is short but priceless.  How we spend the time we’ve been given will follow us forever.  The choices we make and the actions we take become part of our eternity and must be carefully weighed for the consequences they engender.