Life and Consequences

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve fallen into a fitness routine that I rarely break.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are weight training, and Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are cardio.  Since the birth of my 2 grandsons I’ve redoubled my efforts to stay fit.  My motives are simple.  I want to be around as long as possible for my children and grandsons.  I’m determined to not be the father and grandfather that everyone watches as I slowly decline from vital and energetic to withered and feeble.  Maybe my methods will work; maybe not.  That’s what life is all about.  You do the best you can and try to keep into perspective that each of our lifetimes are nothing more than brief flashes of light in our eternal existence.

Our brief lifetimes define our individual eternities.  Our actions and inaction not only affect our lives and our eternity, but those of countless others.  We make choices to allow millions of unborn children to be killed, just as their lives are beginning, and by doing so deny the world and every life in it the opportunity to experience the unique gifts every life can bring.  We allow our unborn children to be killed, and in the process, doom every worker in the industry that kills them to an eternity that none of us strive for.  They make the choice to do what they do for a living, but we create the circumstances for them to do it.

As much as most of us would like to deny any culpability in the elective killing of millions of unborn children  throughout the world, we all are responsible at some level.  I’m adamantly pro-life, but some of my tax dollars, albeit against my will, are funneled to Planned Parenthood every year.  I try to avoid patronizing businesses that contribute to Planned Parenthood, but I know some of the contributors slip through the cracks and get some of my money.  I advocate for the pro-life movement but I know I could do more if I dedicated all of my time to the cause.

Every unborn child deserves its individual chance to fully express the brief flash of light we call life.  The evil of abortion exists only because we allow it to do so.  Those of us who see evil and do nothing to stop it are offering our tacit endorsement of it.  Those of us who see evil and take action, but don’t do enough, need to do more.  We have a moral obligation to change the hearts and minds of those who support and promote abortion.  We are honor bound to protect every unborn child; to fight for the lives of those who have no voice.

As human beings we are all inextricably connected.  One action, good or bad, by one out of billions of human beings can affect us all.  Life is short but priceless.  How we spend the time we’ve been given will follow us forever.  The choices we make and the actions we take become part of our eternity and must be carefully weighed for the consequences they engender.

One thought on “Life and Consequences

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    I published the following piece a year ago today. As most of us prepare for the Super Bowl today, all across America thousands of young mothers are preparing to have their unborn children killed tomorrow. Many of them will enjoy the festivities tonight, get up tomorrow and have their child killed, and move on with their lives, totally unaware, or even worse, totally unconcerned about the choice they made to have another human being killed. Every day we make choices and take actions, and set into motion a chain of consequences that none of us can avoid. Given the choice to look the other way and say nothing as millions of children are killed every year, or speaking out and accepting the consequences of my actions, I choose to speak out.

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