Degrees of Outrage #9

I remember a time when uniformed armies would fight wars as mortal enemies, while having a grudging respect for the courage and bravery of the other side’s combatants.  Both sides, in the midst of war, drew lines as to what they would or wouldn’t do.  They wore their uniforms proudly and had the courage to show their faces, unlike the cowardly terrorists of today.  Man’s inhumanity to man has reached a new low with the actions of ISIS.  A barbaric gang of cowardly thugs, hiding behind masks, and hugging their AK-47s like phallic security blankets is spreading their brand of terror under the guise of religion.  Their interpretation of religion calls for anyone not like them to be brutally murdered.

Just because I’m pro-life doesn’t mean I’m naive.  The only way to defeat an enemy of mankind like ISIS is to eradicate them from the face of the earth.  History is repeating itself.  The world saw what was happening in Nazi Germany and waited far too long to take action.  As a result, millions of innocent human beings were slaughtered.  The same thing is happening in the name of radical Islam and the leader of the free world doesn’t have the courage to even identify the enemy by name.

The immolation of a Jordanian pilot by ISIS thugs has stoked outrage throughout the world.  The question is will anyone do anything other than being mad?  Winston Churchill said “When you’re going through hell, keep going.”  So, what will the civilized world do?  ISIS has declared that they will behead our President in the White House.  Based on their actions to date, I take that as a credible threat.  Like my fellow Americans, I’m reluctant to send our military heroes into battle.  But the reality is, our military is the only fighting force that can rout these cockroaches and dispatch them to the rivers of honey and 72 virgins they long for.

My mission in life is to protect the world’s children.  As long as there is an ISIS in the world, no child is safe.  On most days my battles are with Planned Parenthood and the feckless politicians that provide cover for them as they kill unborn children by the thousands.  Today I see a world exploding in violence and see the tough decisions that have to be made to rid the world of terrorism.  I see an enemy that feeds on depravity and our President doing his best ostrich with head in the sand imitation.

I make no distinction between an innocent child being brutally ripped from its mother’s womb and a sadistic execution by ISIS terrorists. The only distinction is the difference between the perpetrators of these crimes.  The abortion industry can be shut down by legislation and changing the attitudes of its enablers.  Defeating an enemy like ISIS, willing to die for its insane ideology, can only be accomplished by doing everything we can to accommodate them in their desire to be martyrs.

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