I wrote the following piece in February of this year. President Obama’s rambling speeches at this week’s Climate Change Summit reminded me what a bunch of incompetent amateurs we have running our country and the lack of courage they display in the face of real and present threats. Hashtags and speaking gobbledygoop over global warming, global cooling, climate change, or whatever the flavor of the day happens to be, solves nothing. Blaming climate change for terrorism shows the level of ineptitude we have in the White House.
America’s current President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State represent the combined brainpower of a dung beetle. America can do better, and must.

Pro Life Pop Pop

The worst SOS in our history

In a brazenly brutal use of force, our State Department has launched an all out offensive against ISIS; on Twitter.  Yes, the country with the most lethal military on earth has decided that hashtags are our weapon of choice to defeat a cadre of bloodthirsty terrorists bent on establishing a worldwide caliphate.  While ISIS is chopping off heads and torturing children, we’re shutting down their Twitter accounts.  I’m expecting the unconditional surrender of ISIS any day now.  Can anyone say #Naive Idiots?

We’ve turned the keys to the world’s only remaining superpower over to a bunch of amateurs. These amateurs allow thousands of our own children to be killed every day in our abortion mills, but when it comes to giving the terrorists a dose of their own medicine, our leaders are suffering from acute testicular atrophy.  I’m convinced that the world is embroiled in…

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