Tragedy in Colorado

Yesterday, at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Co.,  a senseless act of violence took the lives of a police officer and 2 civilians.  Yesterday, at Planned Parenthood clinics and abortion mills all over America, senseless acts of violence took the lives of over 3,000 unborn children.  Nothing would make me happier than to see every Planned Parenthood clinic shut down forever, but I want it done without violence.

I don’t know the shooter’s motivation, but it’s clear that he is insane.  I do know Planned Parenthood’s motivation; to kill as many innocent children as possible for as much money as possible.  Although I consider Planned Parenthood an evil organization, I wish no harm to its employees.  As I’ve written on numerous occasions, if the demand for abortion goes away, so does Planned Parenthood.

The killing will continue in Colorado and at Planned Parenthood clinics across the country.  The killing won’t be done by lunatics with a gun, but by abortionists with the deadly tools they employ to kill children.  The adults killed yesterday in Colorado didn’t deserve to die.  Neither did the thousands of unborn children who entered an abortion mill alive and left the building dead.

Moral Equivalence

Very little has changed since I wrote this piece a year ago. The day after we celebrated Thanksgiving the killing resumed in America’s abortion mills. The day after Thanksgiving ISIS is still spreading terror, and our feckless President still doesn’t have a plan to stop them. Measured responses against evil never work. Evil must be addressed with the intent and effort to totally annihilate evil, or evil will prevail.
A violent organization like ISIS can only be defeated with violence. A violent industry like America’s abortion industry can only be brought to its knees through acts of non-violence and a return to respect for the sanctity of every human life.
Attempting to grant moral equivalency, due to a lack of courage, or in the name of a political agenda, is a zero sum game and only leads to more of what you don’t want.
Moral equivalence is tough to prove and sought by everyone and everything seeking to justify the unjustifiable.

Pro Life Pop Pop

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about moral equivalence.  When Israel retaliated against Hamas, after enduring a barrage of thousands of rockets, our President asked both sides to show restraint.  How much restraint would America show if Mexico or Canada were lobbing hundreds of rockets across our border every day?  When ISIS began its murderous rampage across the Middle East our President called for a measured response.  Equivocating civilized behavior with that of brutal terrorists erroneously identifies barbarians as equals with the very ones they seek to kill.

The false narrative of moral equivalency put forth by our elected leaders has emboldened the ones wishing to do us harm and conveyed a sense of legitimacy to their cause.  The terrorists of the world see our leaders and our country as weak and unwilling to defend those who can’t defend themselves.  They look at a country that kills over a…

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Letter to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

When I wrote this letter to the leader of ISIS back in March I didn’t expect a reply. The events of last Friday in Paris reminded the world what true evil looks like. Cowardly terrorists kill innocent people because they are afraid to fight someone who can fight back. Baghdadi is hiding under a rock somewhere, savoring the afterglow of Friday night’s massacre. Soon enough, he’ll see a brilliant flash of light as the missile that dispatches his sorry ass to hell does the world a favor.
Terrorism is a zero sum game. ISIS and the cowardly thugs that make it up are on the fast-track to oblivion. Let’s demand that the civilized world does whatever needs to be done to send Baghdadi and his minions to a place far removed from the 72 virgins and rivers of honey they’re expecting.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Current Address Unknown

Future Address: Hell

March 15, 2015

Addressing you as Sir or Mr. would imply respect, so I’ll refrain from using either.  As the leader of ISIS, you send your murderous thugs on rampages against innocent civilians, in the name of religion.  While they’re out raping, pillaging, and torturing, you hide behind women and children, afraid to show your face.  If you were a true leader and noble warrior you would face your adversaries unafraid, willing to die for the cause you supposedly believe in.  As the sniveling coward you are, you recruit your fighters as cannon fodder and claim that torturing and killing children, raping and enslaving women, and executing men are all in accordance with your religion.

In the interest of expediency, since I can’t address you as Sir or Mr., let’s agree that I’ll just call you dumbass.  Hey dumbass; you’re insane!…

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The morning after the ISIS massacre in Paris, social media is teeming with platitudes like “I stand with France” and “Not Afraid.”  What does this accomplish in the war on terrorism?  Nothing.  The only effective solution to terrorism is bullets, missiles, and bombs.  As a pro-life blogger it may seem hypocritical of me to be advocating tracking down and killing blood thirsty murderers.  So be it.  My advocacy is for innocent human lives at every stage of their life.  Terrorists claim that they wish to die for their cause.  The civilized world needs to accommodate their wishes.

Their is no peaceful resolution to terrorism.  You can’t negotiate with terrorists.  You can’t trust terrorists. Terrorists exploit weakness and cower in the face of strength.  We know where ISIS is based and all we need to do is take the reigns off the world’s most lethal fighting force and let them do what the whole world knows we need to do.  The talking heads in Washington need to place political correctness and indecisiveness on the shelf and commit to doing whatever it takes to exterminate the terrorists and to afford them the same level of mercy they show to their victims.

All the platitudes are fine, and I have no doubt that they are heartfelt.  I choose not to follow the herd with platitudes, but to ask that justice be served.  As I write this, I have no doubt that ISIS sympathizers/operatives are in America and plotting to carry out attacks on our Homeland.  Cowardly thugs don’t scare me and I will not change how I live my life out of fear that some misguided thug, hellbent on killing as many innocent people as possible, will come calling.

Over the last several years I’ve written extensively that I feel we are embroiled in a war of good vs evil.  Just this week, a video of ISIS executing 200 children surfaced, and yesterday they carried out the massacre in Paris.  ISIS represents the epitome of evil and most of the world simply looks away.  We can look away and hope the next attack never comes or we can meet force with overwhelming force and get this over with, once and for all.


The Teacher

I never get tired of spending time with my grandsons and writing about them. When I wrote this piece last November, my oldest grandson had just gone through a series of traumatic events and had come out stronger on the other side. He’s just gone through another trying time and I have no doubt that he will emerge even stronger.
Innocent children can teach us life’s most valuable lessons if we just take the time to watch and listen. All they want in return is our love and our hugs.
I’ve spent most of the last week with both my grandsons and wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world. They don’t know it, but while I’m taking care of their immediate needs, they are teaching me how to be a better man and a better Pop Pop. I hope that someday they will read what I’ve written about them and know how they changed my life for the better.

Pro Life Pop Pop

An ancient Zen Proverb simply states “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”  My teacher appeared a little over three and a half years ago with the birth of my first grandson.  Not only is he my best friend in the world; he has taught me more about life, courage, and unconditional love than I ever thought I could learn.  This week he passed an important milestone in his young life that I won’t discuss in this forum other than to say how proud I am of him and how inspired I am by his courage and resiliency.  If we just pay attention, children will show us how to deal with adversity, how to leave it in the past, and how to move on with life, stronger than ever.

Our country allows over a million of its children to be killed in the womb every year.  That’s a million…

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An unexpected crisis reminded me today that we have to view the events of any day in the context of eternity. It brought to mind the day that I wrote this piece; a day when everything seemed to go wrong and I was searching for answers. The problems that we see today as insurmountable will all be dealt with, and life will go on. Any perceived or real crisis that any of us may face, pales in comparison to an unborn child entering one of America’s abortion mills. As long as we are alive we can improve our situation. If our life is cut short just as it is beginning, we lose our chance to change the world. I look into the eyes of my 2 grandsons and I see the promise of endless possibilities. I look into their eyes and I know that with faith all things are possible.

Pro Life Pop Pop

We all live our lives with the expectation that our next heartbeat will occur, tomorrow will come, and the tiny planet we live on will continue to spin on its axis.  All these things that we take for granted could end in an instant, but we have faith that they won’t.  That’s what faith is; acknowledgment that unseen, but real forces have been put into motion by a higher power that none of us can fully comprehend.  A boundless and abundant universe surrounds us, and instead of marveling at its miracles we spend our time in pursuit of material possessions and temporal pleasures.

We view our brief lives as the totality of our existence, ignoring the fact that we are eternal beings with no beginning and no end. Even though our physical lives are brief, the gift of life is priceless. It must be valued above all else and accepted…

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