Words fascinate me, and I find it amazing how both sides of an issue try to paint their position in the most favorable light with nothing but words. For years now, I’ve been trying to convince anyone who would listen that abortion is an abomination that has to stop. I’ve stated my case in countless words, and I will continue to do so until I no longer can. In the following piece, written in March of 2015, I tried to convey how words can describe similar events, with the intention of eliciting different reactions.
In my humble opinion, the killing of an innocent human being through terrorism or abortion still results in the same outcome. An innocent human being is dead. It makes no difference to me or its victims what the procedure used to kill them is called. When a society devolves to the point that it kills over a million of its children every year, it is in deep trouble. We’re in deep trouble.

Pro Life Pop Pop

A bloodthirsty terrorist and a money-grubbing abortionist; what’s the difference?  A terrorist kills innocent human beings in the name of an insane ideology.  The abortion industry kills innocent human beings in the name of an insane ideology. Terrorists kill their victims by torture, beheading, and worse.  In a typical partial-birth abortion the abortionist delivers a full-term living baby, feet first, face down.  The fully viable baby is completely removed from the mother’s body with the exception of the top couple inches of its head.  At that point the abortionist shoves forceps into the base of the baby’s skull to create an opening. A vacuum device is then inserted into the opening and the baby’s brain is suctioned from its skull.  The now dead child is pulled the remaining inch or two from its mother’s body and then unceremoniously disposed of.

Whether or not you equate abortion with terrorism, the end…

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