When I wrote this piece in July of 2014, I was struggling with the decision as to when to retire, so I can spend every day working on behalf of the pro-life movement. I know at some point in my life I’ll make the move, and it continues to be a daily struggle for me. With it becoming more likely every day that the most abortion-friendly President in history will be replaced by a woman who is totally in the tank for the abortion industry, I feel a sense of urgency in getting my message out.
I know that my humble blog, and the letters I write to politicians and abortion providers, are brushed off by them as minor annoyances. I don’t care. I’ll stay at it as long as they continue to kill children for money. It’s the right thing to do, and I know in my heart that it’s a mission I was given by my Creator. To my friends who believe that every child has a God given right to life; I would ask that you share my words, or your own words, to spread the pro-life message.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Last Friday, Independence Day, I had planned on taking the day off.  Unfortunately, the rigors of running a one man office and my plans for a day off didn’t work out.  Maybe next year.  The work I do on my own time on behalf of the pro-life movement really isn’t work to me.  The only challenge my pro-life work presents is the question of when will I finally take the leap of faith I know I need to take in order to work at it full time.  Subtle signs and hints are constantly entering my life, nudging me towards where I know I need to be.

Sitting in my office on July 4th, while I crunched numbers and stressed about multiple projects, I looked out the window and saw cars full of people enjoying their day.  This struck me as one of the more than subtle signs that maybe I…

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