When does life begin?  What is a human life worth?  Is one life more valuable than another?  Just because it is legal to have your unborn child killed in America, is it right?  Should the American taxpayers be forced to fund the abortion industry?  If you witnessed someone attempting to kill a child would you intervene? Do you think God approves of abortion?  If a family member told you she was going to have an abortion, would you try to convince her to let her child live?  Where do abortionists go when they die?  Should an unborn child be executed for a crime its father committed?  Do you believe abortion should be safe, rare, and legal?  Can a procedure that is performed with the intent of killing a child be considered safe?  Can you justify killing pain-capable unborn children?  What is more important than the lives of our children?  Is it OK to kill unborn children as a matter of convenience?  Do you believe that a nation that allows over a million of its unborn children to be killed every year will suffer the consequences of its actions?  Does a woman have the Right to choose to have her unborn child killed?  Are unborn children living human beings?  Would you be willing to work in an abortion clinic?  Would you abort your child if you knew it had Down Syndrome?  If an unborn child has a heartbeat is it alive?  Is Planned Parenthood an evil organization?  Do you support the repeal of Roe v Wade?  Should abortion be legal?  Should unborn children be granted personhood?  Why won’t Harry Reid allow the Senate to vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act?  Does abortion end a human life?  Should the remains of aborted children be treated with respect?  What is life?  Who grants the gift of life?  Would you be comfortable with an abortion clinic in your neighborhood?  Is a woman still a mother after she has her child killed?  Should nearly 1 out of 3 unborn children be killed by abortion?  Do you agree with then State Senator Obama’s 3 votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act?  Does it bother you that babies who survive botched abortions are allowed to die in many States?  Is every human being endowed with the Right to life?  Did you know that every 26 seconds another unborn child is killed in America?  Why should abortion be the leading cause of death for unborn children in America?  Is abortion murder?  Would you have your unborn child killed for any reason?  Is a child conceived in rape less human than a child conceived in a loving relationship?  Does the President speak for all Americans when he says “God bless Planned Parenthood”?  Should condemned criminals be killed in a more humane manner than innocent babies?  Is partial-birth abortion an acceptable means of birth control?  If over 3,000 children were murdered every day in America’s schools would we unite as a country to end the killing?  What will you do to help end abortion?

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