June 7, 2014

With football season finally in sight again, I was reminded of how Matt Birk, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens, blew off the President when he invited the Super Bowl Champion Ravens to the White House.   Matt is a man of honor and integrity and refused to rub elbows with the most abortion-friendly President in history.  I like to see men and women stand on principle, without regard to the cost.  They know we can’t break our principles, we can only break ourselves against them.  Generally accepted principles of human behavior, the most important of which is respect for every human life, will prevail in the end; but at what cost to our unborn children.  Maybe the most inept smartest President in history can explain it to us.

I wrote the following letter last June 10 to the man who claims he can stop the rise of the oceans.  I’d be happy if he could just tell his staff to stop sending the same form-letter back to me over and over and over.


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 June 10, 2013

Mr. President:

 One saving grace of being a citizen of the socialist republic of Maryland is having the Baltimore Ravens to cheer for.  Since we have a Governor who, incredibly, is even to the left of you and just as pro-abortion, we savor the small pleasures such as a Super Bowl Champion football team.

I was especially happy to hear that Ravens center Matt Birk blew off your White House reception for his team as a matter of principle.  Like me, Matt is appalled that the President of his country could stand before Planned Parenthood and state “God bless Planned Parenthood.”   Matt Birk is a pro-life advocate and not meeting with the first sitting President in history to speak before Planned Parenthood was a no-brainer.

Mr. President, in their latest Annual Report Planned Parenthood reported that they had performed nearly 334,000 abortions during calendar year 2011-2012.  That’s 334,000 innocent children brutally killed for profit, for no good reason, and with your approval.

Sir, Planned Parenthood is a disgrace to our country and the world.  As much as they try to dress up what they really do by calling it reproductive health care, we all know that they’re in the business of killing children.  I wonder how many of my fellow Americans will have to pay taxes for their entire life to cover the tab for the nearly $543 million Planned Parenthood received from our government last year.  Just think how many hungry children could have been fed with this money and what contribution to our society and the world these innocent children, who are killed at the rate of 1 every 94 seconds, could make if just given the chance to live, just like you, me, and the abortionist were given.

Life is a relentless force and will ultimately prevail in spite of the best efforts of you and Planned Parenthood to stifle it.  Try as you may, you and your fellow pro-abortion hypocrites cannot continue to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent children every year without consequences.  Mr. President, our God given gift of free will is a 2 way street.  While He grants us free will, we will all be held accountable for how we exercise it.  Have you given any thought to how you will address our Creator when the time comes for your inevitable meeting with Him?  Let me give you a friendly heads up; He doesn’t buy political spin or BS, both of which you are admittedly fluent in.

With all due respect, may I suggest the closing for your next speech before the murderers at Planned Parenthood; “May God have mercy on Planned Parenthood.”

cc: Planned Parenthood



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