Letter to Planned Parenthood #43

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave.  NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Cecile Richards

 June 9, 2014

Ms. Richards:

 I’m getting ready to go for a run, and I’ll be thinking about you.  While my heart is pumping oxygen rich blood through my body I’ll be thinking about all the tiny hearts Planned Parenthood will stop tomorrow.  Ms. Richards, a beating heart is undeniable proof of life.  Intentionally stopping a beating heart undeniably ends a life, and is nothing short of murder.  Up to now, I’ve been reluctant to call what Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry does to our unborn children murder, but what else can you call killing another human being for money?

Ms. Richards, I’ve asked you this before: If you truly believe that what you do is for the good of humanity, why don’t you do it for free?  Truly altruistic works are performed solely for the good of others with no expectation of compensation.  Your evil empire kills children for one reason only, money.  You fight against laws to protect pain-capable children from suffering agonizingly painful deaths at the hands of the abortion industry for one reason only, money.

I’m a capitalist, and believe everyone should be fairly compensated for goods and services provided.  I also believe in ethics and integrity and that every business should conduct itself in a manner that harms no one.  Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry fails miserably when placed to this test.  A business model designed by a racist eugenicist, based on deception and killing innocent children for a fee, is doomed to fail.

I’m not going to stand by and just wait for Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry to collapse under the weight of their immorality and culture of death, because every day we wait for you to self-destruct, thousands of innocent children die.  I don’t know when it will all come crashing down.  I can only hope that I’m able to play a small part in closing your doors for the last time.

Ms. Richards, I’ve seen the desperate young women walking towards the door of my local Planned Parenthood clinic.  It breaks my heart to know that a tiny human being is spending its last moments alive as its mother enters your office.  I truly feel bad for the people working in your clinics.  Like everyone, they have to make a living.  They shouldn’t have to make their living working for an organization that has killed millions of innocent children.

My immediate goal is to close your Salisbury, Md. office.  I have no ill will towards the employees at my local Planned Parenthood office.  I simply want the killing within sight of my grandsons’ daycare center to end.  Get back to me and let me know when I can expect to see this office closed.  Thanks for your help.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc: Planned Parenthood

Salisbury, Md.

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