Degrees of Outrage #8

The world is outraged today over the Paris terrorist attack where 3 Islamic thugs murdered 12 French citizens. Heavily armed cowards murdered these people for being intolerant of their religion and publishing caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.  Apparently, their version of tolerance calls for killing anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Over 3,000 unborn American children were killed in their mothers’ wombs on the day these murders took place.  Tens of thousands of unborn children were killed around the world on the same day.

I view these events from my perspective and mine alone.  I see a world full of outrage over the murders of 12 people and see most of the same world saying nothing as thousands of unborn children are killed every day.  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.  The brazen, premeditated murders of 12 Parisians was a terrorist attack.  The brazen, premeditated murders of thousands of unborn children was no less a terrorist attack.  An insane ideology that promotes the murder of anyone who disagrees with their insanity is truly insane.  An insane ideology that thrives by claiming that a woman has the right to have her unborn child killed, usually as a matter of convenience, is insanity on steroids.

We’re living in a world where the value of a human life is eroding by the day.  We kill one another over trivial matters and kill our own children in our blind pursuit of avoiding the consequences of our actions.  We allow Planned Parenthood and the abortion mills of the world to convince us that a baby isn’t a living human being until it leaves its mother’s body.  They say it’s not alive, but they have to kill it to make it go away.  The abortion industry knows that shining the light of truth on the practices they engage in will bring about their own demise.

Outrage over the taking of any innocent life is justifiable, but it must be consistent.  The victims of today’s attack in Paris were innocent human beings, simply living their lives.  The victims in the world’s abortion mills today were innocent human beings, simply living their lives.  Every human being on earth is at a different stage of its never ending development than any other human being on earth; whether in the womb or near the end of a long life.  Babies in the womb are no less human than any other human being.  Until we hold every human life as equal to every other human life, we will continue to kill each other.

As I’ve stated in previous pieces on outrage, I view anger as a waste of time and energy unless it is channeled to take positive action to remedy the source of your outrage.  Taking a selfie while holding a placard reading #End Abortion or #Stop Terrorism doesn’t count.  If you believe in your cause, you must be willing to risk everything to bring about the change you seek.  Find your calling, dedicate your self to it, and change the world.

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