Moral Equivalence

Very little has changed since I wrote this piece a year ago. The day after we celebrated Thanksgiving the killing resumed in America’s abortion mills. The day after Thanksgiving ISIS is still spreading terror, and our feckless President still doesn’t have a plan to stop them. Measured responses against evil never work. Evil must be addressed with the intent and effort to totally annihilate evil, or evil will prevail.
A violent organization like ISIS can only be defeated with violence. A violent industry like America’s abortion industry can only be brought to its knees through acts of non-violence and a return to respect for the sanctity of every human life.
Attempting to grant moral equivalency, due to a lack of courage, or in the name of a political agenda, is a zero sum game and only leads to more of what you don’t want.
Moral equivalence is tough to prove and sought by everyone and everything seeking to justify the unjustifiable.

Pro Life Pop Pop

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about moral equivalence.  When Israel retaliated against Hamas, after enduring a barrage of thousands of rockets, our President asked both sides to show restraint.  How much restraint would America show if Mexico or Canada were lobbing hundreds of rockets across our border every day?  When ISIS began its murderous rampage across the Middle East our President called for a measured response.  Equivocating civilized behavior with that of brutal terrorists erroneously identifies barbarians as equals with the very ones they seek to kill.

The false narrative of moral equivalency put forth by our elected leaders has emboldened the ones wishing to do us harm and conveyed a sense of legitimacy to their cause.  The terrorists of the world see our leaders and our country as weak and unwilling to defend those who can’t defend themselves.  They look at a country that kills over a…

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The morning after the ISIS massacre in Paris, social media is teeming with platitudes like “I stand with France” and “Not Afraid.”  What does this accomplish in the war on terrorism?  Nothing.  The only effective solution to terrorism is bullets, missiles, and bombs.  As a pro-life blogger it may seem hypocritical of me to be advocating tracking down and killing blood thirsty murderers.  So be it.  My advocacy is for innocent human lives at every stage of their life.  Terrorists claim that they wish to die for their cause.  The civilized world needs to accommodate their wishes.

Their is no peaceful resolution to terrorism.  You can’t negotiate with terrorists.  You can’t trust terrorists. Terrorists exploit weakness and cower in the face of strength.  We know where ISIS is based and all we need to do is take the reigns off the world’s most lethal fighting force and let them do what the whole world knows we need to do.  The talking heads in Washington need to place political correctness and indecisiveness on the shelf and commit to doing whatever it takes to exterminate the terrorists and to afford them the same level of mercy they show to their victims.

All the platitudes are fine, and I have no doubt that they are heartfelt.  I choose not to follow the herd with platitudes, but to ask that justice be served.  As I write this, I have no doubt that ISIS sympathizers/operatives are in America and plotting to carry out attacks on our Homeland.  Cowardly thugs don’t scare me and I will not change how I live my life out of fear that some misguided thug, hellbent on killing as many innocent people as possible, will come calling.

Over the last several years I’ve written extensively that I feel we are embroiled in a war of good vs evil.  Just this week, a video of ISIS executing 200 children surfaced, and yesterday they carried out the massacre in Paris.  ISIS represents the epitome of evil and most of the world simply looks away.  We can look away and hope the next attack never comes or we can meet force with overwhelming force and get this over with, once and for all.


All or Nothing

We live in a violent world.  In America we allow over 1 million unborn children to be killed every year by an industry that makes billions of dollars killing them.  A gang of social misfits calls themselves ISIS and terrorizes the Middle East, and our feckless President finally decides to send 50 special operations forces to the area.  He’s fully committed to allowing our unborn children to be murdered in the womb, but when it comes to rooting out terrorism he’s afraid to do what the whole world knows needs to be done.

The media portrays ISIS as 10 feet tall and indestructible.  In reality, they’re nothing but a bunch of losers killing innocent people with stolen weapons.  The U.S military is the most lethal fighting force in the world.  If their Commander in Chief would allow them to do what needs to be done, ISIS would be wiped out in short order and would crumple under the overwhelming use of force our military could bring to bear.

While we allow thousands of our unborn children to be killed every day, ISIS is raping and murdering women, crucifying children, and coming up with new and more brutal ways to kill anyone who won’t buy into their insane ideology.  The President’s plan without a plan to defeat ISIS consists of half measures and no commitment to getting the job done.  His plan is to do just enough to finish his term before the Middle East totally collapses, and handing the heavy lifting off to his successor.  As far as he is concerned, the reality that ISIS’s ultimate goal is to spread terrorism across America, isn’t his problem.

In life our choices are all or nothing when it comes to accomplishing any task.  Half measures will allow you to delay the inevitable tough choices, but at some point you will have to make the call; all or nothing.  Most of the choices we have to make will not be life or death decisions, but the principle applies, none the less.  We can look the other way as we allow our unborn children to be killed and we can pretend that terrorists an ocean away can’t reach us, but the problems still persist and won’t go away on their own.

Sending 50 special operators to Syria and Iraq does nothing but place our military heroes in harm’s way in order to make a political statement and give the Administration the ‘optics’ that it wants.  While 50 of our special operators could quickly dispatch 10 times as many ISIS thugs, they need to be deployed in sufficient numbers to render ISIS extinct and to be home in time to spend Christmas with their families.  If America is not in this to win it, we need to do nothing.

One Year Later

Last September ISIS was brutalizing the Middle East and thousands of unborn children were being killed every day in the country I love.  Fast forward 1 year, and nothing much has changed.  The worst President in our country’s history is still inept and still clueless.  When I wrote the following letter to President Obama a little over a year ago, I was frustrated with the lack of leadership and moral clarity coming from the Oval Office.  A year later, my frustration continues to grow.

The terrorists of the world can see the weakness America is projecting, and they’re emboldened by it.  As human beings, we are honor bound to protect innocent lives whether they are in the path of terrorists or resting comfortably in their mothers’ wombs.

Since the President didn’t answer this letter the first time around, I figured I had nothing to lose by taking another shot at it.  The following letter, written on Sept. 3rd of last year, states my case for fighting terrorism and saving babies.  I await the President’s reply.


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

September 3, 2014

Mr. President:

Shortly after 9/11 your good friend and mentor Jeremiah Wright said “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”  The culture of death in America’s abortion mills and the rise of fanatical terrorist organizations throughout the world is the Universe telling us to change our ways.  Statements from a racist hate-monger like Jeremiah Wright mean nothing.  Human suffering and death at the hands of murderous organizations like Planned Parenthood and ISIS are real and present dangers to our way of life and must be dealt with now; not kicked down the road for future generations to deal with.

Statements from you that an organization like ISIS can be reduced to a manageable threat level shows that you truly are an amateur.  Mr. President, the civilized world cannot co-exist with evil; it must eliminate evil.  How do we end the practice of killing our unborn children for money or stop Islamic thugs from murdering thousands of innocent people if we don’t even have the courage to call evil out by name?  Your administration refuses to call ISIS an Islamic terrorist organization even though they use the word Islamic in their name.  You call the elective killing of an unborn child abortion, pregnancy termination, and a woman’s right to choose.  You lack the courage to call Islamic goons what they are and turn your head as over a million unborn children are murdered in the womb every year in America, and wonder why our chickens have come home to roost.

Mr. President, your ineptitude and contemptuous disregard for moral clarity have placed the world and your country in danger.  You allow thousands of innocent American children to be killed every day, but you’re reluctant to take the fight to a gang of blood-thirsty terrorists.  Sir, if any of your advisors have a shred of honesty in them they will tell you that you are projecting an image of weakness to the world.  Like it or not, we are in a war with Islamic terrorists.  You have 2 choices; win the war or do nothing and allow the world to descend into anarchy.  This is no time for the leader of the free world to become a linguini-spined, blubbering dunce.  Get with the program and start doing what you swore an oath to do.

Mr. President, this is a seminal moment for America.  We have a unique opportunity to show the world the true meaning of courage and commitment.  We can end the killing of our unborn children and show the world how we respect the Right of every unborn child to be born and to make the most of the gift of life they have been given.  We can show the world that we have the moral courage to fight those who would take innocent lives in the name of an insane ideology and to eliminate evil from the face of the earth.

cc:  Planned Parenthood



Letter to President Obama #106

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

June 14, 2015

Mr. President:

The Senate is taking up the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and you have promised to veto it if it makes it to your desk.  Why?  How could any sane human being oppose a bill that will ban the dismemberment killing of unborn babies who have developed to the point that they can feel the pain of every rip and tear as they are literally ripped to shreds while being killed?   Mr. President, we condemn the murderous thugs of ISIS for killing innocent human beings by beheading and torture, and allow the same methods to be used to kill unborn children in our nation’s abortion mills.

By the end of your second term, over 8 million unborn children will have been killed on your watch; about 160,000 of them by dismemberment abortion.  As the father of 2 beautiful daughters, how can you allow the slaughter to continue without doing a thing to stop it?  Sir, the most basic of all human rights is the right to life.  The most basic and most important of all your duties as President is to protect everyone’s right to life.  Sir, your vocal support of Planned Parenthood and your long track record of supporting the abortion industry is contrary to your most important duty as President.

When the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act clears the Senate how will you justify your veto?  Will you say that some lives are more important than others or that unborn children are not living human beings?  Mr. President, all the fancy words and political spin in the world can’t justify the unjustifiable.  Dismemberment abortion of pain-capable children must be stopped.  You are in a position to stop it and the world will be watching.

Mr. President, innocent unborn children are entirely dependent upon us for their very survival.  We have a moral obligation to protect them and we all know that allowing the indiscriminate killing of them is wrong.  The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will save untold thousands of innocent children.  It will be a small step towards ending abortion, but a very important step.  The thousands of unborn children that die every day in America’s abortion mills are dying senseless deaths.  It’s way past time to end abortion in the greatest country on earth.

Mr. President, allow the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to become the law of the land and watch as miracles occur.  Watch as babies doomed to die agonizing deaths are allowed to be born and to express their universally unique lives.  Sign the bill and take the political heat from the abortion industry and walk away, knowing you did the right thing.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc:  Planned Parenthood



Stand For Life

We all have a moral imperative to take action in the face of evil.  When we ignore the suffering and death of our fellow human beings and fail to protect those of us in harm’s way, we, ourselves become complicit in the crimes against humanity we claim to abhor.  Much of the world’s population is oppressed by ruthless dictators or threatened by terrorist thugs like ISIS.  So called civilized nations like America, the country I was lucky enough to be born into, allow their unborn children to be legally killed by an industry that promotes its deadly services from the moment of conception to birth.

The divinely endowed rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so eloquently enumerated by America’s founders, apply to every human being, regardless of where in the world they may be or at what stage of development their universally unique life may have progressed to.  Each of us has the ability to fight oppression and to save lives.  While our individual capabilities may vary, our potential to make impactful change and to serve our fellow man is unlimited.  Those of us who can, have an obligation to do.  Those who see evil and look away will be judged accordingly.

I see the evil of abortion and I will not look away.  Over 20,000 innocent children will die needless deaths in America this week and 20,000 more will die next week unless a quantum change in attitudes and behavior instantly occurs.  I acknowledge that these changes would require a miracle, but I still believe in miracles.  As human beings, we are entrusted with the most coveted of all the miracles of the universe; life.  We’ve done a pretty bad job of protecting life and insuring that the most basic and most important of all God’s gifts is held in reverence.  Evil organizations like Planned Parenthood are allowed to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent children every year in the country representing the world’s last best hope.

Evil is opportunistic, and thrives where there is ignorance and apathy. Just like a brilliant light can instantly end the darkest night, the simple but powerful act of welcoming every new life into the world will end the practice of abortion forever.  The challenge is, how do we get there?  We look inside and marvel at the gift of life we were given.  We contemplate our beating hearts and realize that the animating life force behind every beat is not from this world.  We appreciate that we are universally unique human beings and that every other human being, from the moment of conception, is one of a kind and deserving of the gift of life.

When we stop killing our fellow human beings there is no limit to what we can do together.  When standing on the side of life we must be willing to give everything, even our life, to serve our fellow man.  The greatest man to ever walk the earth did just that.  He told us that we can do all the things He did, and greater things still.  I take Him at His word and pledge to stand up for life, no matter what.


Letter to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Current Address Unknown

Future Address: Hell


March 15, 2015

Addressing you as Sir or Mr. would imply respect, so I’ll refrain from using either.  As the leader of ISIS, you send your murderous thugs on rampages against innocent civilians, in the name of religion.  While they’re out raping, pillaging, and torturing, you hide behind women and children, afraid to show your face.  If you were a true leader and noble warrior you would face your adversaries unafraid, willing to die for the cause you supposedly believe in.  As the sniveling coward you are, you recruit your fighters as cannon fodder and claim that torturing and killing children, raping and enslaving women, and executing men are all in accordance with your religion.

In the interest of expediency, since I can’t address you as Sir or Mr., let’s agree that I’ll just call you dumbass.  Hey dumbass; you’re insane!  No legitimate religion endorses killing anyone who is a non-believer.  No religion calls for killing innocent people and harvesting their organs for sale on the black market.  Destroying ancient antiquities and immolating prisoners in steel cages are not referenced in any religious text.  The only religion you and your band of miscreants follow is the religion of pure evil.  As the soldiers of evil, you are pursuing a course that is not winnable. You know this, but being the dumbass you are, you continue down the path to oblivion, still believing you have a chance to establish a worldwide caliphate, with you as its leader.

In your role as self appointed leader of your caliphate, you have deemed that you are the final arbiter of the tenets of your perverted interpretation of Islam.  As a dumbass and a bloodthirsty terrorist, your actions speak to your insanity, and your depravity has shown the civilized world what evil human beings are capable of doing to their fellow human beings.  The atrocities that you convince others to perform on your behalf cannot be justified, and even you have to realize that this will not end well for you.

Every human being that your thugs will kill today have a God-given right to life.  Whether they live or die is not up to you to decide.  Your fate has been cast, and your defeat has already been set into motion.  The end of ISIS will come soon.  When the end comes for you, most likely in an act of violence with extreme prejudice, you may have a few seconds to conduct a brief life review.  You’ll see the error of your ways as you are dispatched to hell, and finally realize that the rivers of honey and 72 virgins ain’t gonna happen.  Only then will you realize that you wasted your life and punched your ticket to an eternity your actions condemned you to.



The worst SOS in our history

In a brazenly brutal use of force, our State Department has launched an all out offensive against ISIS; on Twitter.  Yes, the country with the most lethal military on earth has decided that hashtags are our weapon of choice to defeat a cadre of bloodthirsty terrorists bent on establishing a worldwide caliphate.  While ISIS is chopping off heads and torturing children, we’re shutting down their Twitter accounts.  I’m expecting the unconditional surrender of ISIS any day now.  Can anyone say #Naive Idiots?

We’ve turned the keys to the world’s only remaining superpower over to a bunch of amateurs. These amateurs allow thousands of our own children to be killed every day in our abortion mills, but when it comes to giving the terrorists a dose of their own medicine, our leaders are suffering from acute testicular atrophy.  I’m convinced that the world is embroiled in an epic battle of good against evil.  Evil is placing no limits on what they won’t do to impose their will.  If the good guys aren’t equally committed to prevailing over evil, it’s not hard to see what the outcome will be.

When we fail to protect our children and soft peddle our response to unspeakable acts of terrorism, we project weakness, and evil feeds on weakness.  For over 40 years now, our nations’s abortion industry has taken advantage of our leaders’ lack of interest in standing up to a culture of death.  Make no mistake; the terrorists see how fleeting our resolve can be, and are emboldened by our tepid response to their barbarity.  When they behead Americans and see our President beat a hasty retreat to the golf course, they see victory.

The signs of genocide are everywhere in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.  The Middle East is on fire and most of the world remains silent. The world saw all the same signs 70 years ago as Nazi Germany exterminated over 6 million Jews.  Everyone knew what was happening but no one wanted to be the first one to take action.  This time, with social media and instant information, the whole world can see the carnage.  The enemy tells us what they are going to do and then shows us that they are doing it.  Our response is to tell them what we won’t do to defeat them and to give them our timetable for doing so.

While I’m not a military expert, I’m reasonably certain that we can’t defeat ISIS by out-Tweeting them.  Political correctness and “measured responses” to terrorism will get us nothing.  We have the capability to rid the world of ISIS in short order.  Without being hamstrung with absurd rules of engagement and limitations on the use of force, our military heroes can get this done.   All we need is the political will to make it happen.  This is a fight that we can’t avoid.  We can do it now or do it later, but we have to understand that the threat will not go away on its own.  As a backstop, if all else fails, we can trot out James Taylor again and have him serenade Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with “You’ve Got a Friend.”  That should do it.  #TakeThat.

Degrees of Outrage #9

I remember a time when uniformed armies would fight wars as mortal enemies, while having a grudging respect for the courage and bravery of the other side’s combatants.  Both sides, in the midst of war, drew lines as to what they would or wouldn’t do.  They wore their uniforms proudly and had the courage to show their faces, unlike the cowardly terrorists of today.  Man’s inhumanity to man has reached a new low with the actions of ISIS.  A barbaric gang of cowardly thugs, hiding behind masks, and hugging their AK-47s like phallic security blankets is spreading their brand of terror under the guise of religion.  Their interpretation of religion calls for anyone not like them to be brutally murdered.

Just because I’m pro-life doesn’t mean I’m naive.  The only way to defeat an enemy of mankind like ISIS is to eradicate them from the face of the earth.  History is repeating itself.  The world saw what was happening in Nazi Germany and waited far too long to take action.  As a result, millions of innocent human beings were slaughtered.  The same thing is happening in the name of radical Islam and the leader of the free world doesn’t have the courage to even identify the enemy by name.

The immolation of a Jordanian pilot by ISIS thugs has stoked outrage throughout the world.  The question is will anyone do anything other than being mad?  Winston Churchill said “When you’re going through hell, keep going.”  So, what will the civilized world do?  ISIS has declared that they will behead our President in the White House.  Based on their actions to date, I take that as a credible threat.  Like my fellow Americans, I’m reluctant to send our military heroes into battle.  But the reality is, our military is the only fighting force that can rout these cockroaches and dispatch them to the rivers of honey and 72 virgins they long for.

My mission in life is to protect the world’s children.  As long as there is an ISIS in the world, no child is safe.  On most days my battles are with Planned Parenthood and the feckless politicians that provide cover for them as they kill unborn children by the thousands.  Today I see a world exploding in violence and see the tough decisions that have to be made to rid the world of terrorism.  I see an enemy that feeds on depravity and our President doing his best ostrich with head in the sand imitation.

I make no distinction between an innocent child being brutally ripped from its mother’s womb and a sadistic execution by ISIS terrorists. The only distinction is the difference between the perpetrators of these crimes.  The abortion industry can be shut down by legislation and changing the attitudes of its enablers.  Defeating an enemy like ISIS, willing to die for its insane ideology, can only be accomplished by doing everything we can to accommodate them in their desire to be martyrs.