A Typical Day

My day today was filled with meetings, crisis resolution, and putting together a bid package worth millions of dollars. As busy as I was, the thought that thousands of innocent children were being killed by America’s abortion industry while I worked, never left my mind.  That’s my life these days.  No matter what I’m doing or where I happen to be, the mission that I’ve committed the rest of my life to, ending abortion, is always on my mind.  When a typical day at Planned Parenthood is an empty parking lot and no more babies entering a clinic alive and leaving dead, my mission will be complete.

I have a stressful job and some days I would rather do just about anything other than what I do for a living.  On those days I think about the innocent children all over the world, beginning their day, not knowing that they will be killed; and the day ahead of me doesn’t appear so daunting.  The problems we all face on a daily basis pale in comparison to an innocent child’s last minutes in an abortion clinic.  While most of our problems are self inflicted, the fate of thousands of unborn children every day in America is decided by others.

I can only imagine a typical day at a Planned Parenthood clinic.  Their employees kiss their children goodbye, put in a long day of killing other peoples’ children, and then go home to their own.  I have to think that the workers at a place like Planned Parenthood lose a little bit of their soul every day.  And I absolutely believe that when you take the gift of life from an innocent human being you give up a portion of your own.

From my perspective, spending our days treating people right and respecting every unborn child’s right to life is much easier than spending  our limited time killing our fellow human beings.  There’s enough violence and mayhem in the world. The last thing we need are organizations dedicated to killing children for money.  If a typical day is meant to be normal and uneventful, count me out.  My goal is to change the world and change the minds of those believing that killing an unborn child is a simple matter of choice.  If the pursuit of my goal makes anyone uncomfortable, so be it; sue me.

At this point in my life, my typical day is hectic and oft times chaotic.  In the midst of the chaos I always know that the day I’ll be able to dedicate my efforts full-time in defense of life is moving ever closer.  My hope is that by the time I am able to work full-time to end abortion, my efforts and those of millions of other like-minded individuals will have already ended it.

A typical day for every unborn child should end with it being alive and healthy.  Until that time comes, I’ll continue to speak out for the most vulnerable among us; those without a voice.

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