Stand For Life

We all have a moral imperative to take action in the face of evil.  When we ignore the suffering and death of our fellow human beings and fail to protect those of us in harm’s way, we, ourselves become complicit in the crimes against humanity we claim to abhor.  Much of the world’s population is oppressed by ruthless dictators or threatened by terrorist thugs like ISIS.  So called civilized nations like America, the country I was lucky enough to be born into, allow their unborn children to be legally killed by an industry that promotes its deadly services from the moment of conception to birth.

The divinely endowed rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so eloquently enumerated by America’s founders, apply to every human being, regardless of where in the world they may be or at what stage of development their universally unique life may have progressed to.  Each of us has the ability to fight oppression and to save lives.  While our individual capabilities may vary, our potential to make impactful change and to serve our fellow man is unlimited.  Those of us who can, have an obligation to do.  Those who see evil and look away will be judged accordingly.

I see the evil of abortion and I will not look away.  Over 20,000 innocent children will die needless deaths in America this week and 20,000 more will die next week unless a quantum change in attitudes and behavior instantly occurs.  I acknowledge that these changes would require a miracle, but I still believe in miracles.  As human beings, we are entrusted with the most coveted of all the miracles of the universe; life.  We’ve done a pretty bad job of protecting life and insuring that the most basic and most important of all God’s gifts is held in reverence.  Evil organizations like Planned Parenthood are allowed to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent children every year in the country representing the world’s last best hope.

Evil is opportunistic, and thrives where there is ignorance and apathy. Just like a brilliant light can instantly end the darkest night, the simple but powerful act of welcoming every new life into the world will end the practice of abortion forever.  The challenge is, how do we get there?  We look inside and marvel at the gift of life we were given.  We contemplate our beating hearts and realize that the animating life force behind every beat is not from this world.  We appreciate that we are universally unique human beings and that every other human being, from the moment of conception, is one of a kind and deserving of the gift of life.

When we stop killing our fellow human beings there is no limit to what we can do together.  When standing on the side of life we must be willing to give everything, even our life, to serve our fellow man.  The greatest man to ever walk the earth did just that.  He told us that we can do all the things He did, and greater things still.  I take Him at His word and pledge to stand up for life, no matter what.


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