We Get the Leaders We Deserve

As an Illinois State Senator, then State Senator Barack Obama voted multiple times against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  The Born Alive Infant Protection Act was a bill that required medical professionals to provide life-saving medical care to babies who survived botched abortions.  In his opposition to this bill, Senator Obama mused that recognizing babies as persons would entitle them to the 14th Amendment protections under our Constitution.  He went on to state that passage of this bill would end legal abortion and render Roe v Wade mute.

The standard practice in most abortion clinics when a baby survives the procedure meant to kill it is to place the baby in a surgical tray, place the tray in a supply closet or isolated area, and wait for the crying to stop, or to put it bluntly; wait for the baby to die.  The greatest country on earth voted twice to elect as our President a man who supports this practice.  When we put President Obama in office we got what we deserved.  We got what we deserved, but the millions of innocent children who have died and will die under his watch deserved none of this.

When we made Barack Obama our President we elected the most abortion-friendly President in history; a man who proudly proclaimed “God bless Planned Parenthood.”  Our complacency as thousands of unborn children are killed every day and millions are killed every year put us in the position where our President would rather shut down the government than defund the world’s largest abortion provider.

Our complacency has given us a leader who expresses his outrage every time a mass shooting takes place, yet says nothing as thousands of innocent children are killed on a daily basis.  Our leader projects weakness, and the rogue leaders and terrorists of the world are emboldened to pursue their agendas, knowing that America will not take a stand against evil.

When our leaders fail to lead, we are morally obligated to lead ourselves.   The dysfunction of our national leaders is no excuse for allowing over a million innocent children to be killed in America’s abortion mills every year.  We can end the killing without them passing a single bill.  Without the demand for their services, the doors of America’s abortion industry could be closed for the last time tomorrow.  All we have to do is stop deciding to pay an evil empire to kill our unborn children.

Until America stands on the side of life and elects leaders of similar beliefs, we will continue our downward spiral into irrelevancy.  Until we decide, as individuals, to do what our inept leadership lacks the courage or moral fortitude to do, we will remain complicit in the consequences of their inaction and indifference.