An unexpected crisis reminded me today that we have to view the events of any day in the context of eternity. It brought to mind the day that I wrote this piece; a day when everything seemed to go wrong and I was searching for answers. The problems that we see today as insurmountable will all be dealt with, and life will go on. Any perceived or real crisis that any of us may face, pales in comparison to an unborn child entering one of America’s abortion mills. As long as we are alive we can improve our situation. If our life is cut short just as it is beginning, we lose our chance to change the world. I look into the eyes of my 2 grandsons and I see the promise of endless possibilities. I look into their eyes and I know that with faith all things are possible.

Pro Life Pop Pop

We all live our lives with the expectation that our next heartbeat will occur, tomorrow will come, and the tiny planet we live on will continue to spin on its axis.  All these things that we take for granted could end in an instant, but we have faith that they won’t.  That’s what faith is; acknowledgment that unseen, but real forces have been put into motion by a higher power that none of us can fully comprehend.  A boundless and abundant universe surrounds us, and instead of marveling at its miracles we spend our time in pursuit of material possessions and temporal pleasures.

We view our brief lives as the totality of our existence, ignoring the fact that we are eternal beings with no beginning and no end. Even though our physical lives are brief, the gift of life is priceless. It must be valued above all else and accepted…

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