All or Nothing

We live in a violent world.  In America we allow over 1 million unborn children to be killed every year by an industry that makes billions of dollars killing them.  A gang of social misfits calls themselves ISIS and terrorizes the Middle East, and our feckless President finally decides to send 50 special operations forces to the area.  He’s fully committed to allowing our unborn children to be murdered in the womb, but when it comes to rooting out terrorism he’s afraid to do what the whole world knows needs to be done.

The media portrays ISIS as 10 feet tall and indestructible.  In reality, they’re nothing but a bunch of losers killing innocent people with stolen weapons.  The U.S military is the most lethal fighting force in the world.  If their Commander in Chief would allow them to do what needs to be done, ISIS would be wiped out in short order and would crumple under the overwhelming use of force our military could bring to bear.

While we allow thousands of our unborn children to be killed every day, ISIS is raping and murdering women, crucifying children, and coming up with new and more brutal ways to kill anyone who won’t buy into their insane ideology.  The President’s plan without a plan to defeat ISIS consists of half measures and no commitment to getting the job done.  His plan is to do just enough to finish his term before the Middle East totally collapses, and handing the heavy lifting off to his successor.  As far as he is concerned, the reality that ISIS’s ultimate goal is to spread terrorism across America, isn’t his problem.

In life our choices are all or nothing when it comes to accomplishing any task.  Half measures will allow you to delay the inevitable tough choices, but at some point you will have to make the call; all or nothing.  Most of the choices we have to make will not be life or death decisions, but the principle applies, none the less.  We can look the other way as we allow our unborn children to be killed and we can pretend that terrorists an ocean away can’t reach us, but the problems still persist and won’t go away on their own.

Sending 50 special operators to Syria and Iraq does nothing but place our military heroes in harm’s way in order to make a political statement and give the Administration the ‘optics’ that it wants.  While 50 of our special operators could quickly dispatch 10 times as many ISIS thugs, they need to be deployed in sufficient numbers to render ISIS extinct and to be home in time to spend Christmas with their families.  If America is not in this to win it, we need to do nothing.

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