All or Nothing

We live in a violent world.  In America we allow over 1 million unborn children to be killed every year by an industry that makes billions of dollars killing them.  A gang of social misfits calls themselves ISIS and terrorizes the Middle East, and our feckless President finally decides to send 50 special operations forces to the area.  He’s fully committed to allowing our unborn children to be murdered in the womb, but when it comes to rooting out terrorism he’s afraid to do what the whole world knows needs to be done.

The media portrays ISIS as 10 feet tall and indestructible.  In reality, they’re nothing but a bunch of losers killing innocent people with stolen weapons.  The U.S military is the most lethal fighting force in the world.  If their Commander in Chief would allow them to do what needs to be done, ISIS would be wiped out in short order and would crumple under the overwhelming use of force our military could bring to bear.

While we allow thousands of our unborn children to be killed every day, ISIS is raping and murdering women, crucifying children, and coming up with new and more brutal ways to kill anyone who won’t buy into their insane ideology.  The President’s plan without a plan to defeat ISIS consists of half measures and no commitment to getting the job done.  His plan is to do just enough to finish his term before the Middle East totally collapses, and handing the heavy lifting off to his successor.  As far as he is concerned, the reality that ISIS’s ultimate goal is to spread terrorism across America, isn’t his problem.

In life our choices are all or nothing when it comes to accomplishing any task.  Half measures will allow you to delay the inevitable tough choices, but at some point you will have to make the call; all or nothing.  Most of the choices we have to make will not be life or death decisions, but the principle applies, none the less.  We can look the other way as we allow our unborn children to be killed and we can pretend that terrorists an ocean away can’t reach us, but the problems still persist and won’t go away on their own.

Sending 50 special operators to Syria and Iraq does nothing but place our military heroes in harm’s way in order to make a political statement and give the Administration the ‘optics’ that it wants.  While 50 of our special operators could quickly dispatch 10 times as many ISIS thugs, they need to be deployed in sufficient numbers to render ISIS extinct and to be home in time to spend Christmas with their families.  If America is not in this to win it, we need to do nothing.

What’s in a Word?

I wrote the following piece in January of this year. Peoples’ choice of words and semantics fascinate me. Our words can be an expression of courage just as our silence can be an expression of weakness. As important as words are to me, I know that empty words that are not followed by action are meaningless. The words we speak and write label us. My words label me as pro-life and I accept this label without apology.

Pro Life Pop Pop

The current occupant of the White House refers to abortion as a woman’s “core constitutional right.”  I’ve read the constitution numerous times and must have missed the section that affirms one’s right to kill an innocent child right up to the moment of its birth.  Our words have consequences just like our actions do.  President Obama’s words and actions confirm that he is the most abortion-friendly President in history.  He claims to be pro-choice as part of the narcissistic charade he has thrust upon our nation for over 6 years now.   Pro-choice and pro-abortion are one and the same.  If you endorse a woman’s right to choose to have her child killed, you are pro-abortion.  If you’re pro-abortion, at least you have the courage to say what you believe; however misguided your beliefs may be.

I’m proudly,unapologetic about my pro-life views.  There is no wiggle room in pro-life.  Either…

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Smoke and Mirrors

Abortion is called reproductive health care.  The terrorist attack on the Benghazi Consulate is blamed on a video by the woman who wants to be the President of the United States.  A Delta Force hero is killed in combat in Iraq and the White House twists itself into knots to describe his death as anything but combat related.  Honor and integrity have been replaced with political agendas and outright lies.

Planned Parenthood is in the business of killing babies for money.  The least they can do is be intellectually honest about what they do and why they do it.  Anyone with half a brain knows that if Hillary Clinton’s mouth is moving she’s lying.  And whether the President wants to call it boots on the ground or not, when one of our military heroes is killed in a firefight, he died in combat where our troops were on the ground.

Just like they bleep out expletives on TV, everyone knows what the person is saying and what they mean.  A politician gets caught in a lie and says he misspoke.  Everyone knows he lied but since it’s labeled differently, he gets a pass.  He gets caught telling a series of lies and finally admits to conducting a campaign of disinformation.  Nothing has changed, but the label placed on the lies makes them palatable to the low information crowd.

The abortion industry and politicians have created an artform of calling what they say and do anything but what it actually is.  99% of women will not enter a Planned Parenthood clinic this year, yet the far left and the pro-abortion crowd say that taking away the more than $500 million they get every year from the U.S. taxpayers will have a devastating effect on women’s’ health care.  With the use of lies and creative math, Planned Parenthood tries to convince the world that abortion only represents 3% of their services.  They justify this with their accounting practices.  Walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and get 5 brochures and 5 packages of condoms and, by their accounting, they have provided 10 services.  Walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and pay to have your baby killed and, by their accounting, you have received 1 service.

No matter how much spin you try to put on the truth, the truth still is what it is.  Whether you choose to call abortion reproductive health care, pregnancy termination, or a woman’s right to choose, it is still a procedure designed to kill a baby.  Whether you tell a lie and say you misspoke, you still told a lie.

I’m tired of being fed politically correct, poll tested gibberish designed to promote agendas and avoid the truth.  If the cause you are promoting can’t stand up under the the light of truth, maybe you should be working for a different cause.  Buying into smoke and mirrors got us the worst President in the history of our country.  It conveys a false sense of legitimacy to disastrous candidates like Hillary Clinton, who belongs in prison instead of the White House. Smoke and mirrors gave us Roe v Wade and a body count of 60 million dead babies.  It’s time to embrace the truth again and to demand no less from everyone.



Legislative Accountability Act of 2013

Our elected representatives pass massive bills without even reading them. ObamaCare had placeholders in the bill where the details could be filled in after the bill, that nobody read, was passed. In November of 2013, out of my frustration with Washington, I published the Legislative Accountability Act of 2013. It was a mix of wishful thinking and apoplexy over the utter dysfunction of the men and women we elect to do our bidding. Nothing has changed, and both parties are equally at fault. Until honor and integrity replace the greed and incompetence of our leaders, I’ll continue to stir things up. The way I see it, they’re too lazy to audit me and too vain to think I’m writing about them.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Legislative Accountability Act of 2013


Since the Obama administration took office they have been hell-bent to rush one massive spending bill after another through Congress before the American public could see what was in them; with few, if any, members of the House or Senate even taking time to read them.  These bills were all rushed through Congress without giving average Americans time to review them or comment to their elected representatives, all with the goal of implementing President Obama’s radical leftist agenda as quickly as possible; damn the details or consequences.

Finally, some good news for a change:

The Legislative Accountability Act of 2013 has been introduced in an effort to slow the process down and allow all Americans time to review pending legislation before it can be rushed to passage.  This bill will also require all members of Congress to certify that they have completely read and…

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As I’ve noted before, I make it a point to follow the likes of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NAF on Twitter.  That way, I can keep track of the lies and misinformation they are spreading and call them out in a public forum.  Today I commented on tweets from Planned Parenthood and NARAL and was immediately engaged in a war of words with a clueless pro-abortion lemming with the Twitter handle @IcedFrenzy.

I can only assume from her grammar and writing style that @IcedFrenzy, otherwise known as Alexa, is a young lady with no idea when a human life begins and what the consequences are of ending one by abortion.  She insisted that an unborn child is not a child, but simply a clump of cells.  Her definition of a living child is a newborn taking its first breath.  Unfortunately, Alexa’s attitudes on the sanctity of human life are shared by millions of Americans who are just as clueless as she is.

I invited her to read my blog and learn something, although I doubt she ever will.  She told me to read a biology book. People like @IcedFrenzy are who I’m trying to reach with my work.  Changing the hearts and minds of the Alexas of the world is the only way to end the killing of our unborn children.

I hope she remembers our conversation and I hope that somewhere deep inside her heart I made an impression.  Alexa tried to convince me that abortion is a safe procedure, and took offense when I pointed out that a procedure specifically designed to kill a human being is anything but safe.  As much as we may not want to hear it, speaking the truth will always shine the light on lies and deception.  @IcedFrenzy has drunk the Kool-Aid of the pro-abortion crowd.  Her last tweet to me was “bodily autonomy is very much real. my rights override every single right a fetus has. every. single. one.”

This poor, clueless, individual has no idea that bodily autonomy is a two way street.  The unborn child living temporarily in a woman’s body is also an autonomous human being; a universally unique, separate, living, human being.

If Alexa happens to read this, I invite her to reengage in our conversation.  I may not bring her to the pro-life side, but as long as we are talking there’s a chance.


One of the abortion industry’s ‘go to’ words is viability. They argue that if a child can’t live outside the womb it’s ok to kill it; for a fee of course. As I pointed out when I wrote this piece last year, the issue of viability and its definition are hard to quantify. Under their definition of viability, a newborn child can live outside its mother’s womb, so it is off limits to them. A newborn child and a child, for many years after birth, cannot live on its own without love and support from others. Bottom line: whether in the womb or not, a child is a living human being that has the right to live. Using words like viable or unfit to live are nothing but excuses for the inexcusable. The abortion debate will continue. The fact that abortion takes a human life cannot be disputed with any degree of logic.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Vi-a-ble: able to live; specifically, at that stage of development that will permit it to live outside of the uterus: said of a fetus or a prematurely born infant.

Many of those lacking the courage to oppose abortion at every stage of an unborn child’s development hang their hat on the issue of viability.  They try to justify the unjustifiable by taking the position that a child that hasn’t developed to the point that it can survive outside its mother’s body can be killed on demand.  They conveniently brush aside the fact that the unborn child, from the moment of conception, is a living human being.  Viability is an inexact determination and a fatally flawed premise on which to base the legal execution of an innocent child.

An unborn child, totally dependent on its mother for survival, is no less human and no less alive than the mother, and deserving…

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Letter to National Abortion Federation #1

A couple years ago I made my first contact with Vicki Saporta, the head of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). I’m amazed at all the parasites and hangers on that fight for their piece of the financial pie that exists in the wake of the death and destruction that Planned Parenthood inflicts on America’s unborn children. When I wrote this letter 2 years ago, NAF was promoting abortion as a safe medical procedure. Safe for who? Certainly not the unborn child. They’re still out there, advocating for the legal murder of innocent children.

Try to imagine going to work every day to promote the killing of innocent children. That’s what Ms. Saporta and everyone on her staff does. I’ll continue to work every day to put Ms. Saporta and her staff out of a job.

Pro Life Pop Pop

National Abortion Federation

1660 L Street NW

Suite 450

Washington, D.C. 20036

Attn:    Vicki Saporta

October 13, 2013

Ms. Saporta:

My role as a pro-life advocate requires me to make contact with some pretty despicable people and organizations.  Your National Abortion Federation is one of them.  The concept of openly campaigning for the unrestricted killing of our unborn children is something that is unthinkable to me.  We were all unborn children at some stage in our lives and were totally dependent on the love, kindness, and mercy of others to simply be born.  Ms. Saporta, the scientific evidence that unborn children are living human beings from the moment of conception is incontrovertible. Their beating hearts are detectable within 21 days of conception.

The NAF, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL, among others, are constantly touting abortion as a woman’s right.  While it is legal for a woman to choose to…

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Another Year Older

plannedparenthood64Hillary ClintonPlanned Parenthood celebrated its 99th birthday yesterday.  While they were celebrating, they were killing babies at a clip of 1 every 90 seconds. They tweeted “Planned Parenthood turns 99 today – a history rich in milestones in the fight for global . .” My tweet to Planned Parenthood:  “Hoping you never see 100.” There is no logical reason to celebrate the birthday of an organization that kills over 300,000 children every year. Hillary Clinton tweeted “Planned Parenthood opened their first health center and changed life for women in America. Here’s to the next 99 years.”  My tweet to Hillary: “They changed/ended the lives of millions of innocent children. You’re a moron.”

As a pro-life blogger I subscribe to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, so I follow low-life organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NAF on Twitter.  I also follow their friends, like Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi.  You can learn a lot about a person or an organization by reading what they post for public consumption.  Planned Parenthood and their cronies are unashamed in their praise for abortion and their disdain for those of us who want to shut them down.  They refer to killing unborn children as a mother’s right, and they call people like me anti-choice.  To them, anti-choice sounds better than pro-life.

I find it ironic that the world’s largest abortion provider celebrates its birthday while denying the right to life, and the birthdays that come with it, to thousands of babies every week.  As Planned Parenthood enters its 100th year, they’re scared.  They know that there is a real possibility that the over $500 million they receive every year from the U.S. taxpayers may go away.  They know that without this money they won’t be able to line the pockets of the pro-abortion politicians who fight to keep abortion legal in America.  They know that when killing babies for money is no longer legal, they’re out of business.

My hope is that Planned Parenthood never makes it to 100.  My hope is that the more than 300,000 children they plan to kill during their hundredth year are able to live long, happy, healthy lives.  I hope to celebrate what would have been their 100th birthday in a world where they no longer exist and abortion is only a painful memory of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.  My hope is that the $500 million birthday gift Planned Parenthood has gotten used to getting from us every year is redirected to helping children instead of killing them.

As far as I’m concerned, 99 years is about 99 years too many for an organization like Planned Parenthood.  The meaningful birthdays are the ones their intended victims will be able to celebrate.  I plan to do everything in my power to make this year Planned Parenthood’s last.

Nothing Changes

NEWS FLASH:  Planned Parenthood has announced that they will no longer sell the body parts of the babies they kill. Instead of selling the body parts, they will donate them.  In the minds of Cecile Richards and the pro-abortion crowd this is a monumental policy shift and an altruistic move to correct an egregious practice.  What they don’t seem to understand is that the body parts they will now donate instead of sell, still come from the dead bodies of the babies they kill.  So nothing changes.  Entering a Planned Parenthood clinic is still the leading cause of death for unborn children in America.

Trying to justify the logic of killing babies so you can harvest tissue from their bodies for medical research makes no sense.  Killing another baby every 90 seconds is a multi-billion dollar business for Planned Parenthood.  Donating the body parts of dead babies is nothing more than a perverse PR move on the part Planned Parenthood in an attempt to recover what they feel is an image of legitimacy as a health care provider.  When Planned Parenthood stops killing babies and focuses on health care they will become legitimate.  Until then, they’re nothing more than an abortion mill that also provides some services that you can get at thousands of other providers.

No amount of cleverly worded statements can paint Planned Parenthood as anything but the evil organization it is. Nothing changes until they do.  Industries that rely on fetal tissue from dead babies are no better than the abortion mills that kill children so they can supply the tissue.  Am I missing something in a business plan that relies on human beings being killed so research can be conducted to possibly save human beings?  Abortion will end when the demand for it ends.  The same fate awaits the cottage industries that thrive due to the pain and suffering of unborn children.

Nothing changes in America until attitudes change on the sanctity of every human life.  Expressing outrage over videos of Planned Parenthood bargaining over the price of dead baby parts means nothing if the we don’t address the practice that supplies the dead baby parts.  Nothing changes in a society that allows unborn children to be killed by the millions until we stop allowing unborn children to be killed by the millions.

We tend to live our lives in blissful ignorance; many of us knowing that thousands of unborn children are killed every day in America, and most of us choosing to do nothing to stop it.  Einstein said “Nothing happens until something moves.”  I’ll take it a step further in saying nothing changes until we do.



Letter to President Obama #78

Last weekend the worst President in our nation’s history said that he is a true leader because of his leadership on climate change. I don’t know about you, but it was painful for me to watch the leader of the free world look so clueless. In the following letter, written on August 28, 2014, I was trying to steer the President off his global warming, radical environmentalist agenda, and towards something of substance, like ending abortion. Apparently, he doesn’t have a problem burning the bodies of dead children in power plants. His problem is with burning coal. He didn’t answer my letter and it’s obvious he didn’t take my advice. I’ll take another run at him by reposting this. I’m sure he’ll reconsider.

Pro Life Pop Pop

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

April 28, 2014

 Mr. President:

During your tenure as President, more than 20% of America’s coal burning power plants have been forced to close so you and your supporters can perpetuate the myth of global warming.  You tell us there is too much carbon in the atmosphere and unless we switch to wind power and drive cars resembling tricked out golf carts the oceans will rise and the world as we know it will end.  While you and your cronies at the Environmental Protection Agency have a big problem with our country using one of our most abundant resources to generate electricity, you apparently have no problem allowing our most precious possessions, our unborn children, to be killed and then burning their dead bodies to generate power.

That’s what was discovered in Oregon recently; aborted babies…

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