Letter to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

When I wrote this letter to the leader of ISIS back in March I didn’t expect a reply. The events of last Friday in Paris reminded the world what true evil looks like. Cowardly terrorists kill innocent people because they are afraid to fight someone who can fight back. Baghdadi is hiding under a rock somewhere, savoring the afterglow of Friday night’s massacre. Soon enough, he’ll see a brilliant flash of light as the missile that dispatches his sorry ass to hell does the world a favor.
Terrorism is a zero sum game. ISIS and the cowardly thugs that make it up are on the fast-track to oblivion. Let’s demand that the civilized world does whatever needs to be done to send Baghdadi and his minions to a place far removed from the 72 virgins and rivers of honey they’re expecting.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Current Address Unknown

Future Address: Hell

March 15, 2015

Addressing you as Sir or Mr. would imply respect, so I’ll refrain from using either.  As the leader of ISIS, you send your murderous thugs on rampages against innocent civilians, in the name of religion.  While they’re out raping, pillaging, and torturing, you hide behind women and children, afraid to show your face.  If you were a true leader and noble warrior you would face your adversaries unafraid, willing to die for the cause you supposedly believe in.  As the sniveling coward you are, you recruit your fighters as cannon fodder and claim that torturing and killing children, raping and enslaving women, and executing men are all in accordance with your religion.

In the interest of expediency, since I can’t address you as Sir or Mr., let’s agree that I’ll just call you dumbass.  Hey dumbass; you’re insane!…

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