The morning after the ISIS massacre in Paris, social media is teeming with platitudes like “I stand with France” and “Not Afraid.”  What does this accomplish in the war on terrorism?  Nothing.  The only effective solution to terrorism is bullets, missiles, and bombs.  As a pro-life blogger it may seem hypocritical of me to be advocating tracking down and killing blood thirsty murderers.  So be it.  My advocacy is for innocent human lives at every stage of their life.  Terrorists claim that they wish to die for their cause.  The civilized world needs to accommodate their wishes.

Their is no peaceful resolution to terrorism.  You can’t negotiate with terrorists.  You can’t trust terrorists. Terrorists exploit weakness and cower in the face of strength.  We know where ISIS is based and all we need to do is take the reigns off the world’s most lethal fighting force and let them do what the whole world knows we need to do.  The talking heads in Washington need to place political correctness and indecisiveness on the shelf and commit to doing whatever it takes to exterminate the terrorists and to afford them the same level of mercy they show to their victims.

All the platitudes are fine, and I have no doubt that they are heartfelt.  I choose not to follow the herd with platitudes, but to ask that justice be served.  As I write this, I have no doubt that ISIS sympathizers/operatives are in America and plotting to carry out attacks on our Homeland.  Cowardly thugs don’t scare me and I will not change how I live my life out of fear that some misguided thug, hellbent on killing as many innocent people as possible, will come calling.

Over the last several years I’ve written extensively that I feel we are embroiled in a war of good vs evil.  Just this week, a video of ISIS executing 200 children surfaced, and yesterday they carried out the massacre in Paris.  ISIS represents the epitome of evil and most of the world simply looks away.  We can look away and hope the next attack never comes or we can meet force with overwhelming force and get this over with, once and for all.


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