Letter to President Obama #101

When I wrote the following letter to President Obama last year the world was going to hell in a hand-basket. A year later, not much has changed. He’s still afraid to take on ISIS and he’s still the most abortion-friendly President in history. Over the course of his Presidency, I’ve written hundreds of letters to Mr. Obama. Occasionally, I’ll get an auto-signed form letter from the White House, making a one or two word reference to the subject in my letter, and nothing changes. I’ll keeping plugging away and, if nothing else, there will forever be a written record of what I thought about what I considered to be important. I’m amazed that a year after I wrote this letter I could simply change the date and mail it again. It’s time to undo what this man has done, and time to elect a principled leader. I don’t know who that man or woman is yet, but I’ll support them when they step forward.

Pro Life Pop Pop

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 February 8, 2015

Mr. President:

 At last week’s National Prayer Breakfast you tried to strike a moral equivalency between radical Islam and Christianity.  I’m not surprised.  You have a long history of saying the wrong things at just the right time.  As I write this, ISIS is raping and murdering children, beheading Muslims and Christians, and committing unspeakable acts of barbarism in the name of Islam, and you don’t have the courage to call them radical Islamists.

What should we expect from a President who classified the terrorist attack on Fort Hood as workplace violence?  How do we look to our President as the voice of moral clarity when you uttered the words “God bless Planned Parenthood?”  Mr. President, as the titular leader of the free world, in theory, the world should be able to look…

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