Degrees of Outrage #10

When I wrote this piece a year ago, #10 in a series titled Degrees of Outrage, Kanye West had just shown the world, one more time, how to be an egotistical, narcissistic, asshole. President Obama had just proclaimed that Climate Change represented the greatest threat to America, and the death toll in America’s abortion mills was adding 3,000 more dead babies every day to the millions they had already killed.
We tend to look at most things in life from the perspective of whether it affects our lives in any way. If thousands of babies are killed every day, and we don’t see them killed or don’t know the people killing them, we tend to focus on our immediate concerns, and assume that someone else will stop the killing.
In an unimaginably immense Universe, all our trials and tribulations take place on a tiny blue speck of matter called earth. A condition of our very existence requires us all to be confined to this tiny planet. Since we have nowhere else to go, doesn’t it make sense that we all take care of each other, respect all our fellow humans’ right to life, and simply try to get along?

Pro Life Pop Pop

It’s winter and the news networks are running around with their hair on fire reporting that it’s snowing.  Days after the Grammys millions of people have finally realized that Kanye West is an idiot.  Our President is calling climate change a bigger threat than ISIS.  I look around and wonder if anyone is still sane; knowing that I can’t be counted as one of the sane ones.  It seems that just about everybody is mad about something but very few of us are willing to do anything about it.

In my country,where over 3,000 innocent children are murdered every day under the socialist Utopian myth of a woman’s right to choose to have her baby killed, most of my fellow Americans live their lives oblivious to the slaughter.  Most of them know that the abortion industry is big business in America, but choose to do nothing to protect unborn children.  They…

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