Letter to Planned Parenthood #44

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave.  NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Cecile Richards

 June 14, 2014

 Ms. Richards:

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a good man.  He was the father of a friend and lived a full, rich life of 90 years.  It was a life full of good works and positive outcomes.  He seized the gift of life he was given and made the most of it; and in the process left the world a better place, before he went home for his final reward.

Ms. Richards, every new life has the potential to do good works and change the world.  All they need is a chance to claim the Right to life they were given by the One who created the Universe.  And that, Ms. Richards, is why I’m writing this letter.  Planned Parenthood kills hundreds of thousands of unborn children every year.  Every child your organization gets paid to kill was granted the gift of life for a reason.  I make no claim to knowing the reason why a child is granted this gift.  I accept it for what it is and choose not to question God’s intentions.

My mission in life is to protect our unborn children from the industry you fight so hard to grow and protect.  I’m sickened by the pain and death you peddle daily, while thousands of dead babies represent a good day at the office for you.

I’m at the point in my life where I’m thinking about the legacy I want to leave.  Based on the eulogy I heard yesterday, I have a lot of growing and a lot of giving to do before I leave this world.  The good thing is, I don’t have to invent anything or try to be someone I’m not.  All I have to do is listen to that calm, quiet voice in my head telling me to fight for the lives of our children.  It’s telling me to walk away from everything I’ve previously considered markers of success, and to pursue my cause full-time.  I must admit, it’s a daily struggle for me to do my day job while I think more and more about this, my night job.

At some point, I know I’ll take a leap of faith and decide to pester you and your supporters full-time.   Until then, I’ll do my best to keep your secretary busy reading my letters, and who knows, maybe someday she’ll come around to my way of thinking and allow one to make it all the way to your desk.  All I know is I won’t give up and I’ll never turn my back on the world’s innocent children.  I’m determined to put you out of business.  I intend to do so in my lifetime, in a peaceful manner, and with the help of millions of like-minded people.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc: Planned Parenthood

Salisbury, Md.


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